Food, Food, Food | 6 December Faves

It’s all about food, drinks and more food at the most festive time of the year! Hurrahh. Here’s a selection of the tastiest things I ate this month, bearing in mind the pictures definitely won’t do it justice, but hey you’ll get the taste of it…

1/ A lovely lunch at Mele e Pere, an Italian with a difference and what is known as a Trattoria and Vermouth bar on Brewer Street in Soho. At the time they did a fantastic 3 course menu with fizz for just £20, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for deals like that. I had aubergines and cheese (see below) for starter, meaty ravioli for mains and then a very chocolatey mousse for pud, not ideal for someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. I’d definitely be keen to return though and try out some of their sharing plates and pastas.

Starter at Mele e Pere
2/ My first time trying out Nepalese cuisine was just delicious, check out my review of Gurkha’s Diner in this earlier blog post.
Starter at Gurkha's Diner
3/ Early in December I had my sister Rachy to stay for one evening before she met with some friends the following day. Having met me from work, we didn’t stray to far, but headed to Gabriel’s Wharf on South Bank to the Gourmet Pizza Company. I’ve been here quite a few times now and it never disappoints. Rach indulged in a mushroom risotto and I feasted on a slightly spicy, tomato pasta. A really reliable Italian restaurant which isn’t too expensive!
Rachel and her risotto
4/ I love hams and cheeses, olives and bread – so delicious. Lee and I had an especially nice time at Dehesa at Carnaby Street just before Christmas. Following our visit to Winter Wonderland (which I found to be really different, big and full of expensive rides this year?!) we popped on the bus in the direction of Oxford Street and found ourselves sat in the window seat of this Tapas Bar, people watching, munching ham and drinking wine. Not cheap, but the perfect little spot for a snack and a view of the world.
Meat and bread at the Dehesa Tapas
5/ Following one of those long whatsapp group conversations that if you miss, sometimes it’s easier to ignore, the girls at home decided on fondue night to celebrate Rach T’s birthday! We feasted on melted camembert cheese with crusty bread to dip. Following this we heated chocolate and dipped strawberries, bananas, cookies and more into three different types of melted chocolate mmm…
Melted camembert and crusty bread
6/ Finally the piece de resistance of December; that all important Christmas dinner. No matter who cooks it, you, your Grandma, your dad, everyone’s is different and everyone will argue theirs is best. We were a little edgy this year and had duck, with all the trimmings and some delicious stuffing inside. It was perfect with an asian twist the following day in wraps with hoi sin sauce!
Christmas Dinner

Did you eat lots this month? How was your Christmas dinner?

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