Lumiere London | Part 2

Keen to surpass my 10,000 step target for the day AND having loved taking photos on Friday night, I took the opportunity to head up to King’s Cross for the last evening of Lumiere London and to see what was on offer there.

It seems that the world and their husband, wife and kids had the same idea. The crowds were large and there were men with whistles and megaphones keeping people at bay. As it was just me out, I sneaked around people and took the following snaps; testing my ISO levels where required to get the best nighttime shots I could.

Sign for Lumiere London

Huge light cage
Man taking photo of light cage
Woman taking photo of light cage
Pink lights reflected on the tree
Colour lights on the floor
Coloured lights on the floor
Photo of circus of light
Photo of lit bottles
Moving light contraption
Moving light contraption

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