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Despite loving brunch it hasn’t been something I’ve done too much blogging about. I guess part of that is down to tasty brunches being so delicious you can’t wait and take photos before eating. Today I paused and took a few iPhone snaps of this delicious brunch at Brickwood in Balham. Updated Sunday 28th February. 

sweet potato w/poached eggs, feta, kale pesto and pine nuts on sourdough

Where is this gaff? Balham, just near the popular Milk – this small chain of coffee / brunch locations is making a name for itself.
What kind of food is it? 

The menu comprises of a sourdough based items with tasty toppings, home made cakes, grilled toasties and their very own coffee beans. Outside of brunch times you can get toasties with mozzarella, ham hock and pesto.

What was it nice?

The menu was mouth watering – all my favourite items like eggs, chorizo, avocado, feta and sourdough. I picked the Kumara – sweet potato w/poached eggs, feta, kale pesto and pine nuts on sourdough. I added a side of smashed avocado and tucked in. Oh yes, it was as good as it looks.

Cafe latte

What was the restaurant like? 
At first when we arrived it seemed that the music was really loud and I was worried we wouldn’t be able to chat – despite this it was actually the perfect volume. The table service was friendly and the atmosphere lively.

Brickwood Balham

How much will it set you back? 
Cereals, pastries and bakes range up to about £6, the most expensive brunch item is £12 and coffees the usual £2 – £3, sides around £3 – £4. I had the Kumara with a side of avocado and two coffees, including a tip I paid £18.
Is there more than one to visit? 

Brickwood has three locations in South West London, every other stop from Clapham Common, Balham and Tooting Broadway and their brunches are award winning – definitely somewhere to pop into and have a munch!



Finally, I can’t get enough of it these days… is there avocado somewhere on the menu?!

Absolutely, you add, it “smashed” as a side to any of the brunch options.

Flowers and Sandwiches


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