Celebrating 90 years // Grandma’s Birthday Meal

Last weekend my Grandma celebrated her 90th birthday. Eighteen family members and close friends gathered to celebrate together a Singleton Lodge in Poulton-le-Fylde; it was great to see everyone together.

I thought I’d do some research into the things that happened 90 years ago back in 1926 when my Grandma was born. A significant year of firsts; many of which we take for granted now or don’t event use..

  • The first Winnie the Pooh book was published
  • The first British Grand Prix is held just near Weybridge 
  • The first red telephone boxes were introduced in London
  • The very first two way transatlantic phone call was made from London to New York
  • The General Strike begins in support of the Coal Miners strike 
  • The fist demonstration of television was given by John Logie Baird 
And to follow, some photos of us at the meal which I took on my Nikon.
90 balloons
The birthday girl and my mum
My Mum & the Birthday Girl
Gorgeous table flowers
The table decorated
The table details of napkins and glasses
Smoked Salmon starter
Duck for main course
Sarah place card

Lucie place card
Sheila, Neil and Julie
Sheila, Neil & Julie
Chris, Suzanne, Lucie & Phil
Chris, Suzanne, Lucie & Phil

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