Milk, Balham | Review

Typically over the weekend, South West London residents queue outside brunch cafes for tasty things on toast, avocados, smoothies and arty lattes. Milk in Balham is no stranger to popularity, however it was sunny today so Lauren and I ventured there for a surprisingly short queue and something delicious to feed our bank holiday Sunday brunch cravings…

Outside the front of Milk in the sunshine

Where is this gaff?
Balham, just near the market stalls that are there during the weekend.
What kind of food is it? 

Brunch types snacks, sandwiches, smoothies and coffee. Their website is pretty minimalistic so menus online but you can catch a glimpse of it right here – there’s eggs, butternut squash and sourdough bread.. last but not least the convict.

The Lauren Smoothie
The Lauren Smoothie
Was it nice?

The convict is one of those delicious meals you could try to cook at home (because it is only really bacon, eggs, sausage, muffin & hash brown), but it would never be the same because they grate the cheese on top really thinly and have this unreal “hangover” sauce on top – yum yum. I have to admit I’m yet to try anything else there, but having browsed their instagram account & the menu it’s clear there are plenty of delicious options.

The convict
The Convict

What was the place like? 
Having not long expanded to next door as well, the insides of Milk is quirky. The coffee machine looks like a 50’s car and the kitchen is small but perfectly formed. High and short tables are available for seating and there’s often brunchers sat outside no matter the temperature. 

Outside the front of Milk
Outside Milk on a sunny Sunday
How much will it set you back? 

Reasonable, and slightly cheaper than Brickwood just next door. The convict is £8.50, smoothies around £3.50 and coffee at £2.5. Sides range from £3 + so depending on how hungry you are you can spend just over a tenner or closer to £20 – totally your choice.

Is there more than one to visit? 
Just one it seems – hence the queues?


Courtesy of Milk Instagram


Finally, I can’t get enough of it these days… is there avocado somewhere on the menu?! 

You can always get avocado at a brunch spot in London. Pick a dish off the menu or add it as a side onto anything – get your green goodness in there!

Have you been to Milk? What’s your favourite thing to eat for Brunch?


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