May-be time for a favourites post?

I’ve managed to up my blogging game over May, having had a little time pre-revision to spend some time on it. I was getting down to revision this weekend but have managed to catch up on a couple of posts whilst travelling on the tube here and there!

I’ve also decided to set up a BRAND NEW Instagram account dedicated to the blog, the idea being that it’s like a mini daily warsawsworld blog just in case I don’t get chance to write longer posts all the time! Really excited to share more of my photos on instagram and with links to my latest posts and older ones which are still relevant – especially travel writing and photos!

Me & some Flowers
The Lakes
As per my earlier post, I headed up to the lakes with the Uni girls at the beginning of the month – a very relaxing weekend (too short of course) spending time in the sunshine and eating. Take a look at my blog post “24hours in the Lakes” for more pictures and details! 

Olive Oil & Lemon Cake at HomeGround

Cognitive Dress
This post went down a treat at the beginning of the month – all about the work IBM technology and Marchesa the fashion brand did together for the Met Gala 2016. Having seen all the red carpet photos I have to say IBM Watson did a superb job helping design the dress as it was definitely up there with some of the nicest – plenty of bizarre outfit choices with such a quirky theme! If you’re interested in the tech behind the dress, don’t miss my post from earlier this month. 

The LED lights on the Cognitive Dress

According to my Nike App I’ve ran the most this month than ever in a month before – I guess the weather has brightened up and I have only been using the Nike app since this time last year (honest)! I’ve been trying new routes, pushing my times and distances and really challenging what I can actually achieve. I did loads of races in 2015, so I’d definitely like to run some more in the latter part of the year when my course is over, I hadn’t been able to run 10km since last July due to injuries so it was a really great feeling last week when I ran home from work!! 

Finally done a 10km run this year

So much fun.. Watch out for my blog on an evening in Peckham – tips on where to eat and drink if you’ve never been there before. Definitely “the new Shoreditch”, but possibly cooler?  

Aperol Spritz in Peckham
Presentation Tips
It was a nerve racking experience but so worth the pressure and pain – check out my tips on presenting. If you find it a scary prospect then this post is for you!

Presenting at Events

Carnaby Street 
Had only recently found out that Kingly Court existed and then visited twice in the same week. Lee and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary at fancy kebab place “Le Bab” last Saturday night. The following Friday we took my Dad for pizza and beer at “Pizza Pilgrims” situated just downstairs. Delicious eating spots which I’d definitely recommend – photos and reviews on those to come! 

Neon Pizza Sign
Not long left now until my exams are over and I can spend much more time on my blog over the summer! Looking forward to my upcoming trip to New York with work and taking my sister to Warsaw so there’ll be plenty of exciting posts & photos to come yay! 
How was your May? Did you do anything nice? 


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