40 Digital Marketing Facts!

So as many of you will be aware I’ve been revising for my exams and as part of that, learned some FACTS which I thought might be interesting to share. I think it’s fascinating that marketing affects us all whilst we’re part of the buying cycle for items all the time. Search is relevant to everyone, but do you recognise any of these other tactics? Things you’ve viewed online following you around on the internet? You’re getting retargeted! 
  1. 76% of search click throughs comes from the organic results (do you ever click on a paid ad?) 
  2. Organic search drives 51% web visitors, paid search drives 10%, social media drives 5%
  3. 89% customers begin the buying process with search (yes!)
  4. 1 in 3 searches are local (I bet you’ve searched for “local taxi” or “restaurants nearby”)
  5. Mobile search has a 2.14% click through rate (CTR)
  6. Search Engine Traffic outperforms banner ads and email marketing due to the consumer’s intent to buy
  7. 90% traffic to a site comes from google search
  8. The average CTR for display advertising is just 0.17%
  9. 50% clicks on mobile adverts are accidental
  10. Retargeted customers are 3 x more likely to engage with your brand
  11. 7/10 marketers say email has the best ROI, £38 returned for every £1 spent
  12. 33% emails opened on iPhones
  13. 79% emails are read on mobile phones
  14. 89% marketers say email is their primary source of lead generation
  15. 58% adults check their email first thing (how depressing)
  16. Emails with social sharing buttons see an 158% increase in CTR
  17. 50% all search is done via mobile 
  18. 50% all youtube videos are watched via mobile devices (Lee loves a YT Video!)
  19. 72% people dual screen whilst watching TV or working (yep, we all do it these days)
  20. 78% Facebook revenue comes from mobile (that’s a LOT)
  21. 75% people take action having seen a location based message
  22. 83% people browse the internet on their phone (on the go, on the train etc etc…)
  23. 69% people shopped via their tablet in the last 30 days
  24. 42bn whatsapp messages sent daily vs 20bn SMS
  25. We check our phones over 150 times a day (I think even more than this)
  26. 72% all internet users are active on social media
  27. 71% of these access social media via a mobile phone
  28. 93% marketers use social media for business
  29. Video get 62% more engagement that photos
  30. There was 32% more inbound messages in the last year and companies using social for customer service see a 19% uplift in customer satisfaction (yes for sure) 
  31. Video accounts for 80% of the content on social media, interactive is the next big thing. 
  32. More than 700m users via Facebook via mobile every day 
  33. Emoticon use = higher engagement (love emoticons!)
  34. Shorter posts = 60% more engagement
  35. 89% 18 – 29 year olds are on social media (woo!)
  36. Images on twitter get 18% more click throughs
  37. 54% of users took action when a brand was mentioned in a tweet
  38. 90% of instagram users are younger than 35 years old (not surprising)
  39. 42% of female internet users are on Pinterest
  40. 66% of Pinterest content comes from branded sites (great opportunity for marketing)

All the facts I’ve taken from research and revision notes I’ve been working from! 

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