Party in Peckham!

What an adventure – a few Friday’s ago, Gemma and I were planning our evening in the pub just near work. In a moment of excitement we realised we’d never hung out in Peckham before, and rumour has it, it’s THE place to be these days. Luckily I was wearing my new green bomber jacket so I was confident I looked cool enough to go…

After a mildly stressful journey racing down the South Bank to get a train there, we emerged out onto the streets of Peckham. Guided only by google maps we took a right down a street which had plenty of hairdressers and bars under the railway arches – how cool! The Thai restaurant we’d found online was lovely, and had a 45min wait “all the good places round here will be a similar wait” we were informed. So we gave in our number and headed around the corner to sample the delights of the Montpellier pub where we perched on a bar stool and tried to acquire a lost burger the waiter had.

The Begging Bowl


The Montpelier Pub


The Montpelier Pub


Inside the Begging Bowl


The Begging Bowl has a small but perfectly formed menu. The waiting staff were “cool” and so we ordered prawns, pork and green veg (the garlicky veg was the best) “all designed for sharing”. It all arrived when ready, they seemed to be cooking batches of certain items, which was fine by me as I hate to mix sauces on my plate – much rather have little bits here and there. The chef Jane got a mention on the menu and having been recently consumed by Masterchef we were pleased to spot another blondie cooking up a storm in the back.
The Prawn Dish
The Lamb Dish
Our next stop was back towards those edgy looking bars. Bar Story was first when we relaxed outside with some cocktails made at the under the railway arches bar, and across the way there was a Peckham Springs, hosting a much larger area including a pop up Patty&Bun stand – very handy if you’ve not had chance to get a decent Thai meal! It was here we bumped into a mate from work & his friend.
Aperol Spritz at Bar Story


Bars under the Railway Arches


The Bar at Peckham Springs
As a group we headed down the road to Canavan (I thought it was Caravan until the very end of the night) – a pool club which had turned into a nightclub. The beers were reasonably priced, the kitchen was the cloakroom and there was still the option to have a game of pool if you so wished. We departed this spot after a great effort booogeying on the dance floor and chatting to random girls in the loos. This was sadly the end of our night in Peckham, and what a night it was.
The Pool Hall at the Canavan Club


Beers, Thai food, edgy bars and a dance in a pool club – an exciting adventure in South East London, literally cannot wait to go back! 

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