48 hours in the Big Apple | Day 2

Day 2 – Sunday
With Coffee

After limited sleep we were ready for our second day, plans started by meeting Bev’s friend Sara who’s studying at Columbus University up in Harlem. We took the Metro North to meet her for “the best NYC bagel”. Take note – “an everything bagel (which is all seeds etc), with smoked salmon lox (which is basically like smoked salmon cream cheese all mixed up)”. I also had some lettuce on there too and we got coffee. Then we walked over to Hudson Park, (overlooking the Hudson River funnily enough) and basked in the sunshine whilst catching up with Sara and her single adventures and working AND studying for a PhD – crazy! A little beer in the park and a visit to Sara’s apartment rounded off the early afternoon activities. 

Delicious Bagel

 Bud light and the Hudson River
Hudson Park

We went on our way down to Brooklyn, with the aim of finding the Brooklyn Brewery and having a free tour there! Unfortunately we ended up further South than planned and by the time we had taken the Metro and walked towards the Brewery it had shut haha! Time for a beer instead then just nearby, people watching and taking the atmosphere of the local area. Brooklyn Brewery does do free tours if you get there in time. On the way home there was some classic New York subway dancing action, with guys and their boombox swinging from the bars of the train and doing backflips – it was pretty awesome!

Fruit & Veg in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Brewery 
Our penultimate stop for the evening was Katz Deli – Bev had been here before during her first visit but was keen that I too experienced the largest pastrami sandwich there has ever been! Remember the film When Harry met Sally? And the diner where she fakes that orgasm? Yeahhh that’s Katz Deli – and boy oh boy do they do a big buttie! We shared the sandwich along with some potato pancakes that arrived with sour cream (Sara’s recommendation). I mean how anyone could actually eat a full one of these is beyond me – very delicious! You get a little ticket on which they circle what you’ve had and then you pay just on your way out. The walls were adorned with photos of famous visitors – a little faded over the years and despite the lack of music the atmosphere was lively and buzzing! 
Katz Deli
When Harry Met Sally Sign
Pastrami Sandwich
The final stop of the evening was just near Washington Square gardens – the Comedy Cellar. You have to reserve a spot here in advance, online and then commit to each buying two items (including drinks & food), We were seated just on the left of a small stage at the back; there was table service and a range of both male and female comedians. 
I’ve always been a little skeptical about female comedians, I just tend to not find them that funny at all, I have to say this lot were hilarious. One was a Brit (Bev and I were desperate for her to ask if there were any fellow Brits in the crowd, on the edge of our seats ready to shout “US” – she never did), and the other Americans were genuinely funny – I salut and respect all female comedians after all. These definitely impressed me in comparison to the awkward ones Lee and I saw recently in the upstairs area of a Barbican pub! 
Two cocktails later and we were cheering, applauding and now understanding why the Comedy Cellar had to recently open it’s second venue. It was a Sunday evening yet the location was packed and people hung around in the bar next door for drinks. No more photos as we were under strict instructions to always keep it a surprise for others ;-). 
comedy cellar sign
We decided to walk home again (using Google Maps properly this time) after another evening drink, served to us by a surprisingly grumpy bar man. Back through the gardens and home. The end to our fun weekend in the city before a busy week of work at our HQ in upstate New York, and my first trip in America outside of this fab city! 
If you’re going for the first time, check out my posts from last October when I saw all the tourist sitesWhat are your favourite things to do in NYC? Where are the best places to eat? Have you been to Kat’z Deli?!  

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