A Sunday Summary – what’s next for Warsaw’s World?

Numerous attempts of skimming stones, finally got a double splash
So, it’s Sunday evening and I’m relaxing with a beer in Devon, the second evening of the holiday with Lee and my family after a few very busiest weeks! 
Work is always busy, everyone experiences that, and as I’ve blogged before, studying and working isn’t easy either. But over the past month or so I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity at work to travel to New York and work on projects on top of my day job; here’s a blog post I wrote to summarise what we were upto there and why it’s great to work for a global organisation like IBM. 


Following this trip and my exams, it was Wimbledon. The special British time of year during which the Pimms, green courts and strawberries are the backdrop to some fantastic Tennis. Andy Murray won The Championships just this afternoon, so despite the political anxieties 50% (at least) of the population has, at least we’ve had a successful year in the Tennis world. I was working in a pop-up social media team, throughout the two weeks, creating content, listening to social media conversations and amplifying the conversations around IBM at Wimbledon. 

The lighthouse at the bay in Devon

With studying out the way and work busy as always I’ve decided now is the time to really improve Warsaw’s World. Plan more, think about great content and photos that will really bring my blog to life. I love having this little piece of the internet to work on, show my photos and share my stories. During my trip to NY we spent time sharing the our stories around a favourite object with the rest of the group – mine was my notepad (mainly because I genuinely forgot something else) but it actually worked out perfectly. I love to share stories be it through a written piece, photos and sometimes videos at work (working on getting better at this) – so this blog is the perfect spot for that! 

List notepad and coffee
I want to know from any of my readers, thoughts and ideas – what would you like to see more or less of? Favourites posts always seem to get a lot of views, so perhaps more favourites on different topics? More work & social media? Tips? Food? Even though I’ve always prided myself on writing my blog for me, as a diary in some ways, with a small audience, getting feedback is key too! Please share in the comments section or on twitter and I’m looking forward to improving WW in the coming months! 

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