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An early Saturday start and I was heading across London to meet Natalie and the girls for an experience I’ve never actually had before – a Morning Rave. Yes Morning Glory Ville is the home to the morning rave – an alcohol free, free-spirited, wear whatever you want to, boogey before lunch event. As the theme was Olympics there was a wide variety of outfits, from sports gear (which is what I was wearing) to togas, to headpieces and sequins.

At the venue just near Portobello Road, there was smoothies and healthy snacks available, massages for a small donation, yoga popped up every now and again and there was a fantastic MC keeping the party going on on the dance floor! We boogeyed with balloons and bubbles…

Dancing in bubbles

We first headed for the dance floor – prettily lit up with bubble machines, balloons, men with drums and a on point female MC keeping the party going and introducing DJs! Just nearby was a bar with free water and smoothies available in cute bottles.

Nat and bubbles

Around the corner of the area we found a massage area, £5 for 15mins. We signed up for a session each before heading outside for some fresh air just by the market stalls! When we retuned the dance floor was so much busier, the lights off and the lights flashing around – it literally could have been about 2am, but no it was 11.30am…


We took it in turns for massages and when my chance came around, the girls ended up in a random, rather intense yoga class which had quite literally popped up in between the queue for glitter and the massage chairs! There was standing, stretching, downward dogs, upward reaches and more – too much “grab your partners feet” for me to want to join in but I got some hilarious photos!!



Yoga fail

We headed back to the dance floor for another boogie! The crowds were even bigger – many really going for it. They run a very similar event on Wednesday mornings in East London which you’re meant to be able to do before work as it starts at 6.30am but I honestly would be exhausted after all that BEFORE I’ve got to the office – can you imagine? I guess if you think of it as a workout? Even so.. I’d always want to wear glitter and that’s just not practical at a corporate office…


After a final dancing boost we decided to leave this (literal) hotspot for a browse in Portobello Road market. Some fresh lemonade was on offer down the road and we were free from the rave, getting plenty of surprised looks as we shipped covered in glitter! We felt exhilarated and ready for the day, despite being a little sweaty and covered in glitter – a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

I would definitely go back to one of these, only on a Saturday though! Check out the website (its quite temperamental though so can’t guarantee it’ll work).

Have you ever been to a morning rave? Would you try one?

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