Mussels in Brussels, a bronze medal & a green man // 6 Summer Faves

Beer in Spain

Not sure why I didn’t get round to doing July favourites, I had half a post written for weeks and it got later and later in the month so it got to the point of being pointless! So, it’s September already (how?!) – it was always so rubbish when you were a kid having to go back to school, but with people taking holidays all over August anyway, work is going to be a bit like for everyone I think! Luckily for me I’ve had a three day week this week as I’m travelling to France this evening for Natalie’s wedding yay! Here’s some Summer favourites to keep you entertained whilst I’m gone…

With the Roundel made of flowers

TFL Exhibition
To celebrate Lauren’s birthday at the beginning of July a few of us met for brunch in Soho at Jackson & Rye. It was lovely, my only disappointment was the lack of runny poached eggs on my Salt Beef Hash! Around the corner on Regent Street there was a huge TFL exhibition which I dragged the girls down. Old buses, tube signs and plenty of little wooden seats featuring the tube seat fabrics, typically known as moquette. I indulged in a fold out map which shows all the different lines and stations that have ever existed and the dates when they were active. There were posters, gifts and books I would have loved to buy too but I refrained. The girls entertained my enthusiasm for TFL down and back up Regent Street before we headed to the shops. Such a nerd.


Yay after all my hard work for IDM I’ve had a couple of breaks over the past two months, one week in Devon with the family and Spain with the girls. Despite the mostly grey skies in Devon we managed to have a few nice walks, beers on the seafront and some delicious meals. Lee and I went go karting which I hated, but I later found out it was probably because I didn’t use the brake pedal until I stopped at the very end – whoops. Spain was hot and chilled, spent a lot of time colouring in with Rach’s incredible pencil collection which I too have now invested in – such a relaxing hobby, I really couldn’t think about anything other than keeping inside the lines. Also read some fantastic books which I think I’ll be reviewing soon so watch this space…
The Family & Lee
A boat in Devon

With the girls in spain

Rachel’s Graduation
My litter sister graduated with a 1st Class Degree at the end of July – what a babe. The Chancellor of Edge Hill University is  Dr. Tanya Byron, (one of Rachy’s heroes), Consultant Clinical Psychologist , writer and broadcaster – anyone who saw the recent programme “Loose weight for Love” she worked on that – she was fantastic at the ceremony, cracking Harry Potter jokes and really livened up the serious educational formalities that take place! We celebrated in Ormskirk afterwards at a local pub, The Cricketers, unreal food – check out that stick of pork crackling yum yum!

Rach's Graduation
Amazing grad lunch

Park Life
LOVING spending days and evenings in the park with the gorgeous weather we’ve had – that is one thing I love about London, it’s little bubble of heat which often surpasses any other part of the country! A couple of weeks back Lee and his friends held a sports day over at Gunnersbury Park – there was medals and a cup for the winning rounders team! I managed to get bronze in the girls 100m race – super happy to get a medal especially after all the Team GB successes at the 2016 Olympics! Lee and I also volunteered at the final Race of Life in Hyde Park – so fun to cheer on the runners and make sure they have a fabulous time – just one woman saying her thanks for helping made it all worth while!

Sports Day Medals
Volunteering Race for Life
Tooting Common
A day trip to Brussels
Travelled to Brussels for the day with work last Thursday, took the Eurostar and then headed straight for the office for a workshop. I did however have just under two hours to get something to eat and a Belgian beer before I had get my train back to London. Rumour had it, mussels in Brussels are great so myself and colleague Charlie had a wander and found some to munch on before I headed back to the station. Heading there for the weekend with the uni girls in October so any recommendations for things to do / see / eat would be great please?!

Belgium Beer
Notting Hill Carnival 
It was 50 years of the Notting Hill Carnival this year so Lauren, Rach T and I headed there on Sunday just gone to boogie in the street, eat Jerk Chicken and pee at people’s houses! It’s such a fun environment to be in, especially finding random speaker systems and people dancing to music down roads all over the area. I filmed the whole day so hopefully will have some good footage for my first ever this space!

How has your summer been? Have you done anything fun?

Green man at Notting Hill Carnival



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