From France to Peru // 6 September Faves

So I may not get time to do much blogging at the moment but I’ll always try and do a favourites post. The summer ended this month and we’ve all started wearing little jumpers and people are posting about Autumn fashion. I started the month in the gorgeous sunshine in the South of France and have ended with a new job at work – so here’s everything that happened inbetween…

Had the fabulous honour to be invited to my gorgeous friend Natalie’s wedding at the beginning of the month in the South of France! In classic French style, Nat looked incredibly elegant, there was some really great wine and a huge round of cheese which I could not stop eating the following day. A beautiful weekend for a fantastic pair – cheers to Nat & Al.

French Breakfast

French Market

At the Wedding

2/ Daisy Green
Having visited this little spot with Nat a few weeks back I took Lucie and Phil whilst they were down in London for a Billy Joel concert. I’d had the veggie broccoli and sweetcorn fritters when I’d visited last time, so I went for the meaty option instead (well we all did) – the FANCY BACON ROLL:
Crispy Onion Crusted Free Range Poached Eggs, Back Bacon, The Ribman’s Holy Fuck Hollandaise & Fresh Chilli on Paratha Rotif. An absolute treat I tell you. The cafe is garden themed and we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in other gardeny places, Hyde Park and the roof top garden bar on the South Bank Centre – last of the summer sun. 

Daisy Green
3/ Luna Cinema
Headed over to Fulham the other evening to delight in Hugh Grant in his earlier years with Julia Roberts – yes Notting Hill. A delicious M&S picnic accompanied us and our towels and coats we’d brought to keep us warm. It might have been a reasonably nice day but sitting on a your bum on the ground isn’t the warmest experience unless you have a parker to wear. Fulham Palace was the perfect setting (no idea what the location is used for normally) and it was literally 15mins away in the car so a handy midweek treat for us all!Luna Cinema

4/ Wirral Brunch & Dad’s Bday
In a jam packed Euston station last Friday I squeezed myself into a seat on the standing room only 7pm train back up North (makes it sound like there just one train to “the North” hahah). Back to celebrate Dad’s birthday we had few activities planned, including brunch at a new local cafe called Blooming Skull Coffee (photo as evidence below). Prices were delightful in comparison to my local avo on toast in London so I treated the whole family to a birthday brunch for DW. The following day we saw the rest of the family up near Blackpool for lunch – plenty of excited chatter about Chris and Suzie’s wedding which is now just 6 weeks away eek!

Dad and I
5/ Bridget Jones’ Baby
Honestly, if you haven’t seen, please do – it’s the best of the three. Which I think is fairly surprising considering trio films tend to get worse as they go on in many instances. This however had all the latest mod cons, Bridget style (her diary is now an iPad in a red case) and she had finally found some friends who weren’t obsessed with having babies and getting married (perfect). In true Bridget style however she gets herself into all sorts of ridiculous situations, but carries them off perfectly. I’ve heard the actual final book was a completely different story (don’t want to ruin for any readers),  but I think this film truly epitomises Bridget in her 40s – loved it.
Ticket to the Cinema
6/ Booking to go to Peru! 
My final bit of excitement for the month was booking to visit Peru with my travel partner in crime Rachy T. I’ve wanted to visit for years after a colleague at work when I was 17 told me about the Uru people who live in and on floating islands made of reeds on Lake Titicaca. Luckily Rach wanted to go too and so we just went for it – booking to fly there for 16 days next May. Cannot wait to explore another part of the world, try their food and really get to grips with the culture – the perfect stuff for Warsaw’s World!

Machu Pichu

How was your September? Looking forward to the Autumnal days?


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