UniLad, Vine & Cognitive Music // Marketing Monday

I’m starting a brand new feature within which I’m going to either summarise all the latest and most interesting news (from my POV obviously), from all the marketing newsletters and publications I tend to keep an eye on during the week, or I’ll write my own piece on marketing based on the things I’m learning every day at work. I guess this is a revamp of my previous learning pieces on comms that I have done in the past!

For me, these days (and I am forever trying to convince people who aren’t convinced about the value of marketing, in particular those people who STILL think it’s about colouring in, gahhh), marketing is so relevant to everyone all the time. Whether you’re being retargeted by amazon or ASOS or you’re receiving email newsletters, it’s everywhere and with tech being such a big part of helping personalisation and automation you really can’t avoid seeing it and sometimes even admiring it.

My plan here is to share with you top stories, articles and content that I think are of interest, not just to my marketing friends but also with the general public – these things affect us all and with the lines blurring across industries and professions, there’s something here for everyone.

This week, here’s my top pick of news pulled from a range of sites…

Why is UniLad the most-viewed video publisher in the world?
I was intrigued to read this econsultancy article which comments on the laddish platform being the most viewed video publisher and why that might be – in close competition with the LadBible here but what is making UniLad stand out?

Twitter announces that it will shut Vine

Yes Vine is being shut down by Twitter. It seems that the competition have upped their game when it comes to delivering easy to watch video content, which has been easily integrated into the native app itself (FB, Instagram and of course YouTube). Influencers say goodbye to the platform here.


Vodafone fined £4.6m by Ofcom for failing customers
Interesting comments from Vodaphone around IT migration being the reason why they hadn’t handled their customer complaints etc efficiently or even correctly… not really a good enough excuse in my eyes.. 

BBC tells global brands: Come to us for our audience of ‘supercharged’ millennials

An interesting article looking at millennials as an audience, those who influence the wider network globally and how the BBC is looking for commercial opportunities following flat licence fees and the need to consider content marketing to complement their offerings… 
FINALLY a little IBM plug (c’mon it’s only fair enough)..
Yes we’ve done dresses and now we’re heading to the charts with our IBM Watson tech helping grammy winning music producer Alex Da Kid to write his latest song, “Not Easy”. Our tech analysed 5 years worth of music and cultural trends to identify themes and emotional sentiemtn that were the inspiration for the latest track. Check out the article and listen to the song below, I think it’s pretty catchy but you know, I am totally biased…




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