19 Secret Santa Gifts for COLLEAGUES for under £20

We’ve all been there. It’s Christmas. There’s likely a work party (some of you lucky devils will get it paid for) and there’s always that DREADED secret santa. I’m lucky, I have a fab team and probably won’t dread buying my gift as much as some of you might.. So I’ve compiled a handy list of gifts which are under £20 to help you out. PLUS I’ve found them all online so you don’t even need to go out the house / office to get it sorted! Click on the item name to view online.

For the boozie one (it just HAPPENED to say Sarah on it alright?):
For the chocoholic:
For that one that lights up the office:
For a bearded beauty:
For the one that LOVES things with their initials on (definitely not me…):


For the one that keeps saying “in the new year…”:
For the one that loves a packed lunch:
For the one who needs to get on top of their to do list:
For the well travelled:
For the one who needs to protect their paws from the cold:
Yes men need that too sometimes:
The one that is in charge (or thinks they are):
For that prickly colleague:
cactus socks


For the DIY Hero:
For the one that ALWAYS runs out of phone battery:
For the one who’s always looking forward to the evening:
For the slightly stressed:
Andd if worse comes to worse, this will keep the whole office entertained…
Office Dares
Enjoy and Merry Christmas..

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