Black Friday dealz and more // Marketing Monday

It’s been a crazy weekend of Black Friday deals, and when I say weekend I actually mean about 2 weeks of advertising dealz and things. No doubt there will be some more coverage on all the figures and stats about that next week! As always, check out the title link for the full article.

How UK retailers are promoting Black Friday Online 
As I’ve mentioned, retailers are going wild for Black Friday deals, and extending over longer periods of time..check out here how some retailers are making the most of online tactics, making it easier and less stressful for consumers to grab those deals!

Facebook may have finally successfully cloned snapchat?
Having tried to buy Snapchat back in 2013 and failing, Facebook has been investing it’s time and money in creating features on Instagram that rival those of SC. Live video and “disappearing imagery” was launched within Instagram this week, making the platform even more appealing to brands when it comes to both reach, and advertising opportunities!


Advertising industry in talks to ban sexual portrayal of under-18s in ads

Interesting article highlighting how advertising should ensure that there’s clearly no suggestive or sexual innuendos in it’s messaging if those appearing in the imagery are or look to be under 18. 



How retailers are targeting generation z

This has some great examples of retailers that are targeting Gen Z really well, with multi channel experiences that not only take place online but also in store. Take MAC make up for example, whose counters encourage teens to stay, test the products and take selfies and photos in the well lit space! Other brands mentioned include Lush, ASOS and Misguided




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