Christmas Advert Special // Marketing Monday

Marketing Monday 1411
It’s that time of year everyone – Christmas advert frenzy has taken hold, and as I was just pulling this post together, Sainsbury’s aired theirs during the ad break on I’m a Celebrity! It seems that “the Christmas ad” has become the latest trend in the world of retail, each trying to make an emotional connection with viewers and consumers across the UK. It is all really worth it though?
There’s an interesting article on the i which I read in the paper just last Friday, “don’t fall for the sentimental John Lewis advert, it’s just trying to part you from your cash” – which ultimately is the aim of any advert, irrelevant of the Christmas theme / investment!
Interestingly, following a lack of success and engagement from “big” Christmas adverts in 2015, both Asda and Tesco have opted for a series of shorter videos which will be shared on TV and online throughout the run up to Christmas. Read more about their campaigns here! 
Which do you think is the best advert? Should retailers be spending huge amounts on big advert campaigns for Christmas? 



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