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IDM Certificate
Friday evening was spent with the IDM, celebrating my graduation for my diploma yay! I was mortified during the ceremony when my name was missed off, mentioned it to the staff handing out certificates nearby and then they did a “have I missed anyone?” and I had to go up separately – total embarrassment but I got a lot of claps. I also won one of the “Tutor’s Awards” for contribution in the class etc (or something or other, basically for being mega keen). Really exciting evening though, despite the cringe moments – had a few drinks and a pizza to celebrate!

Here’s this week’s summary of posts;

Condé Nast and Time Out on why they are opening restaurants
Having spent two days this week at the annual Wired Magazine event, it was interesting to read about how publishers are tapping into avenues are print revenues decline.



Samsung’s brand takes another knock as it recalls 2.8m hazardous washing machines

Purchase consideration drops over 10% as Samsung recall ANOTHER product – this time washing machines.



John Lewis: The Christmas ad is our most profitable ROI

Creating an emotional connection with consumers is what’s really driving brand success here – it’s not just about shares and likes, it’s really about how you feel after seeing the advertising. 



WhatsApp becomes the latest Facebook-owned platform to clone Snapchat’s Stories feature

Because if Instagram stories, in addition to Snapchat, wasn’t enough to keep up with (not only as a brand but also as a consumer of digital media), WhatsApp are trialling a similar feature aiming to encourage users to share more visual content – is this too far? Would you use something like this? Do you even use Instagram stories? 



Instagram launches in-app shopping discovery function as it pushes into social commerce

With mobile shopping on the rise, this addition to Instagram is the next step to helping businesses get value out of the platform, following the new feature of being able to have a “business account”. This feature allows organisations and bloggers like myself (basically anyone) to get insights into the posts they share. The move into social commerce is the next logical step for the platform to enable consumers to have a seamless shopping experience with their favourite brands – is this something you would want to do?





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