2017 Resolutions – Better late than never?

Warsaw's World 2017

It’s taken me a few days (ok 13+) to write this post because I felt like it was a bit standard and a bit boring but having had comments from the girls on what I should blog about, and seeing others, I’ve decided to share because some of them will be relevant to other people too (I think).

It’s easy to set resolutions that you can’t meet and it’s also easy to not bother cos it can be so cliche (I was so close) but it can be quite a rewarding feeling to have some that are realistic and then help you plan for the year (take my numbers 2 & 3).

Our Head of Marketing commented on Wednesday that we need the structure in place around us to make our resolutions happen. I interpret this as, if you’re going to try and take a pack lunch everyday, make sure you’ve got a nice lunchbox to put it in. Or if you want to save more (like myself), set up an auto save direct debit so the money isn’t even in your account to spend…(check). 

I might change the following in the next couple of weeks if I think of others, let’s see how I do… (I mean add not remove haha). 

Take more photos with my Nikon – I think because it’s so much bigger and less discrete than my phone I struggle with taking my Nikon out and about. As you may have seen in previous posts I can get some ok shots from it when I take it with me – when I was in Warsaw for example I loved having it with me, but then my 2nd trip to NYC it just seemed a bit of a pain. I need to feel confident with and invest some time in learning more and then practicing! Plus I can blog about that too (alwaysss looking for blog inspiration).

Run 50km in races – this is a specific goal but in 2015 I ran a fair few 10kms and it was really exciting receiving medals, so I’d love to for a few more this year! I don’t think my bad knee will hold out for a half marathon but I can do 10km at a time without dying too heavily – let’s see how that goes! Anyone want to join me?

Visit a new country – I’m cheating here because I’ve already booked to go to Peru. Travel is something I feel really passionate about and although I didn’t visit a new country last year I like to try to. Meeting up with Rach to plan our trip on Sunday which is really exciting – watch this space, eek!

Feel healthier – this maybe is relevant to others too? It’s that combination of exercise, what I’m eating and drinking. I’m starting to wish I loved G&Ts as it seems to be (with slimline tonic) a handy low calorie drink to have when you’re out and being more alcohol calorie conscious (damn liking beer and wine). Now I’m feeling much better (cold / flu wise) it’s the perfect time to get on with going to the the gym and getting into a routine during the week (especially as I’m doing dry Jan, more on that in another post)!

Save more – with travel plans ahead I literally have no choice haha!

Read more and review – I do read a fair amount and people often ask me for recommendations, so I’m planning to write some reviews for books on here too! Nearly finished Modern Romance so watch out for some comments on that – such an interesting read. If you’re a big thriller fan I’ve read quite a few recently and got plenty lined up to keep you hooked until the end, the perfect way to make commutes or train journeys pass by.

Worry less – another that is likely applicable to others. I still haven’t finished “The Art of not giving a F***” and I did start reading it again over Christmas (perhaps that’s the next tube read). As I get older it’s important to prioritise money and time on those I love and care about, plus stop worrying so much. Is anyone going to die? No? Ok then all is well! There’s big things to be concerned about in life so let’s just keep things in perspective – for our own sanity really ha!

Be really really good at my job – such a work nerd these days.

Drink less coffee

Have you set resolutions? What do you want to do in 2017? 

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