9 things I learnt in 2016


As mentioned in my December favourites post, this year has flown by. I honestly cannot believe some of the things I did back in January were actually a full year ago! Lumiere London – January, my post about working and studying – January too, Jenna’s baby shower – yep you guessed it, that was back in January as well. Learnt a few bits along the way, (despite the speed of the year), so here’s some things that I hope will be relevant to you too, because you never really stop learning right?

Things change – in Autumn my personal and professional life changed all at the same time. I found myself single and in a brand new job doing what I’d aspired to do for months (hurrahhh). Change isn’t easy and things have taken a while to adapt to. Having a new job, however, has kept me busy learning everything about digital marketing in the real world. I may have done my diploma this past year or so, but having it as my real life job has meant I get to put all that theory into practice. Single life is different, but having some AMAZING friends definitely softens the blow – shout out to all my girls all over the UK haha!

Don’t miss opportunities (just cos you’ve got exams) – a one off application to join the IBM Millennial Corps Fast Forward 2020 programme saw me end up in NEW YORK for a few days over the summer. The downside? It was the week before my diploma exams! A bit of extra time management, a few missed nights out and some revision planning to the extreme meant I was prepared enough to head there for a week off revision and have some fun. The following week I did my exams and it all went fine – thank god for the 6Ps my dad has always taught us (preparation and planning prevents piss poor performance).

It is possible to work and study – I guess I covered this one in the opportunities section. It’s true though and not only have I proved it, so has Abby, Lauren and Dan. Not only that, we’ve inspired others at work to do the same and I’ve helped two colleagues at work sign up to do the same or similar courses with the IDM to help improve their knowledge of how digital marketing is changing thanks to technology.

Looking after your mind is important – maybe it’s colouring in, maybe it’s writing a diary, maybe it’s having a walk or meditating. Look after it. I spent some time (back in Jan last year would you believe) working on an internal project all about “time to talk” and it’s resonated ever since. Don’t ignore how you feel. Hannah Gale wrote a  great piece last month on this – take a read and make sure you know what keeps you in a positive frame of mind.

I’m still bad at saving – yeah I suck at this. 2017 is the year… (who am I kidding?!)

I love pizza. I think I always knew this, but this year really confirmed this for me.

No blog post? No problem – it’s not like this blog has taken over the world, and I don’t ever really intend it to, but I think taking the pressure off myself to post things has helped. If I’ve got nothing good to say, (matter of opinion here haha), then best to keep quiet right? So, as there was during the back end of 2016, there will be times when I really can’t be bothered to write, take photos or anything. And that’s ok, because as stated in my “about me” page, I write this blog for myself really, but I am grateful if you like it too!

I can’t drink coffee after 4pm – it really does keep me awake. 

Photo thanks to Glyn Rhodes.


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