Beating the January Blues [round 2]

Me in a field with an umbrella

I’ve been doing the classic, dry January. Plus, it’s supposedly the most depressing day of the year today – Blue Monday. This is the day you’ll be tempted to break those resolutions, (including dry January) and it’s generally all round miserable. I wrote a similar post, 3 years ago (time has flown by), hence the “round 2” in the title of this post!

But with this depressing month hanging over us, why dry Jan?

Firstly for the many health benefits I am hoping to achieve (better skin, shiny hair?), secondly, hangovers are the worst and thirdly because it costs a bomb to drink in London and a round can set you back your whole nights’ budget (I’ve recently learnt it’s also expensive not to drink so we’re all screwed). I used to take £30 out in Liverpool when I was 18 and that was A LOT OF MONEY; these days that can be gobbled up when offering 2/3 friends a drink each. Oh and the final reason, because I want to prove I can. Ha.

The first week was fairly easy to do I have to say. Having had a case of girl flu from Christmas all I really wanted to do was get early nights and eat food with cheese on – I made these really good chicken kiev themed quesadillas with Boursin cheese and chicken thighs (by the way, chicken thighs are so delicious and cheaper than breast) – add some creme fraiche, spinach and spring onions – voila you’ve got yourself a really delicious cheesey meal.

Week two was ok, busy at work during the week which made things easier! Then I managed to have dinner and drinks without alcohol on Friday night (go me)!  I have to say, there’s surely a market for some kind of alcohol free drinks that are sugar free? I had two glasses of coke with dinner and then two mocktails, (these were those pesky expensive ones) which were so sweet, nice but sweet!

With blue/dry January in mind I’ve been thinking of things to do that don’t involved drinks at all, that will also keep a smile on your face during this month (it rained all day yesterday 😒) – much easier if there’s no drinking temptation right?

1/ Walking – get your hat & gloves on and do those 10,000 steps.

2/ Sampling the delights of food or farmers markets – get yourself some tasty olives and a delicious coffee.

3/ ORANGE JUICE – drink some of that freshly squeezed goodness.

4/ Cook – the perfect time to perfect that roast dinner, chicken kiev quesadilla or Pad Thai (shout out to Lauren Mort for hers last week).

5/ Exercise  – this weekend I had a reaaaaally big session on Saturday at a bootcamp followed by a PT session at the gym. My oh my, I was in pain yesterday! Plus I then ran in the rain which was just awful (note to self, do not run in the rain in January).

6/ Comedy nights – if they’re funny enough, who even needs a drink? (Note to all, could be a risky strategy, bad comedy could lead to drinking – I don’t take responsibility here). 

7/ Cinema – apparently La La Land is great according the critics, why not go and see it for yourself?

8/ Swot up on local history  – check out museums nearby and see what you can learn about your area’s local history! 

9/ Read Warsaw’s World – haha, I had to!

Are you doing dry January?  What are you getting upto this month?

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