Canary Wharf Winter Lights – the photo edit

On Monday I had a lovely (chilly) trip to Canary Wharf with my Nikon (yes, totally in line with my new years resolutions) to take some photos of the Winter Lights; light installations and interactive art. Having enjoyed taking photos of Lumiere last January (actually went out to take photos of those light installations twice in two locations I liked it that much; part 1 / part 2), I thought it would be the perfect chance to get a bit of photography practice in.

I took 125 photos. You’ll see below how many were actually useable haha, ok I won’t make you count but there’s 16! Can you even imagine if I had a film camera – chances are I wouldn’t even have one decent photo as I’d only get about 20 goes at getting that right! Photography in the dark is hard so I wouldn’t say these are my best photos ever but I gave it a good go.

Unfortunately the exhibition ended yesterday (I think), so here’s my photography highlights for you to enjoy this weekend. Don’t ask what they all mean, I have no idea, but you can have a look at the website for more info if you fancy it.

Winter Lights Sign

Angel Wings

Eat Drink Shop sign

Cigarettes and Wine

Water Fountain

Blue light up bench

crazy lights

yellow light

pretty lights

lights made from bottles

Bottles and Lights

Lights that look like fireworks

People taking photos

Someone photographing the lights

light boxes

light boxes

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