I did it – Dry January complete!

Battersea Park

During the end of 2016 I was using my monthly faves as a catch up post when I didn’t have time to write other ones. I’ve written so many posts this month I’m not even sure what to say?!

I guess this can serve as final summary of my dry January highs and lows. I actually think it’s been fairly easy, but the fact that I haven’t had any “big nights out” planned has definitely helped. Even just leaving the pub the other day was hilarious, every drunk person that was bumbling around trying to leave was so obvious – it’s funny to think of myself as those people normally haha!

I’ve tested out some of the delights of the non-alcoholic selection behind bars and actually how pricey it really is – sometimes it’s cheaper or at least the same to have a beer as it is to have a juice! Overall though, a much cheaper month – especially as per my savings diary I was noting down all spends just to keep track of them!

That penultimate Tuesday I had a really overwhelmingly busy day at work – so much to do, so little time. It was the first time I had really felt like “I would love a glass of wine right now” (due to work, rather than being out for dinner or something). But in true DJ spirit I didn’t drink I went for a run instead, powering through the streets of London (where I could, it was icy in some parts). And you know what, it made me feel probably twice as better as a vino would have (plus it was free and wine isn’t cheap in the city you know).

By Friday I was totally exhausted from a very busy week at work – a lot of meetings and using my brain to write social media copy is tiring, especially on a Friday afternoon! I headed to the countryside to stay with my Auntie & Uncle for a hot bath and a chill out. I knew this was going to be the hardest weekend not to drink as having a chilled one with a few drinks is actually so relaxing. I had to stay strong!

After that weekend, I had two more evenings to go and before I knew it, it was 1st Feb! What’s been great about not drinking is that it’s seriously put into perspective the cost of alcohol. I’ve also been able to get myself into a good gym routine which I hope to continue this year too. Perhaps I’ll give up something else for lent too, hmm…

Did you do Dry January? Will you give up anything for lent? 



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