Valentine’s Schmalentine’s – 9 better things to do


Maybe it’s because I work in marketing / advertising. Maybe it’s because I’m single (although I felt the same last year when I wasn’t). Or maybe it’s because a boyfriend once gave me a plastic rose he’d bought off one of those weird people in clubs for £1. Maybe I’m bitter. But I really hate Valentine’s Day.

The whole thing is a marketing scam. Shops and restaurants can make a whole load more cash from you just by making things red / pink, putting on set menus and insisting that on this particular day of the year YOU MUST TELL SOMEONE YOU LOVE THEM, irrelevant of if the day is special to you or not. Personally when I’m in a relationship I much prefer to celebrate dates that are of meaning; the day we got ice cream in Brighton and you asked me out, the first time we went for Chinese, the day you said you liked my hair (these aren’t things that have happened to me but you catch my drift?). I can’t think of anything worse that being forced into a situation of romantic celebration alongside every other couple in the country.

So, with that in mind and as a shout out to any singletons out there plus friends and family in relationships, here’s some non specific Valentine’s type things you could do on 14th OR basically on any day of the year because why we do have to all do it at the same time… (p.s another shout out to anyone with birthdays on this date, notably Rach but I know there’s others).

  1. Watch T2 Transpotting (no rom coms here thank you)
  2. or Split. Basically something not romantic at the cinema
  3. Speed Dating (find someone to smooch after V-day if you really want to…)
  4. Stay in a watch a film (come to think of it, this saves you, irrelevant of you being in a relationship or not, being involved in couple central at the cinema)
  5. Wear your dressing gown (the most underrated item of clothing ever)
  6. Go to the gym (work off the stress of seeing red all day)
  7. Cook something delicious (honestly eating out on this day is expensive, may as well save your dollar bills)
  8. Eat cheese (always a good time)
  9. Wash your hair (because sometimes it’s just gotta be done)

Such a v-day scrooge, but hey it’s a load of rubbish ha! What will YOU be doing this evening?


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