13 of my London habits (good&bad)

This week I’ve got to thinking about all the weird London habits I’ve developed since moving here close to 4 years ago. Some of them bad. Some good. I’ll let you decide which are which. Any fellow Londoners agree with these? Any to add? 

Impatience. With tourists, other people, traffic, you name it, it’ll probably be annoying. Which leads me to be…

Running everywhere. I don’t mean literally, but just end up speed / power walking to all events, locations and destinations. WHY do I do this?! Less running at the moment, but I’ve maintained a decent speed despite my knee.

Only visiting the most local coffee shop. Whichever is nearest will do. That one you used to love near your old flat, yeh you won’t visit that ever again. Trust me. (I used to love The Lounge in Brixton, have I been there since moving, nope). 

Eating brunch. Worst, queuing for it. God I really hate that, but sometimes that’s how and where you get the best eggs. So it’s worth it. (For brunch inspiration check out my previous post). 

Leaving your weekly food shop to 4pm on a Sunday, like everyone else. Sainsbury’s late afternoon on a Sunday is carnage. Avoid this if possible.

Shopping in mini supermarkets everyday. This is what happens is you avoid or miss the Sunday weekly shop, you constantly need to update the fridge.

Pushing past tourists. They’re always in the way. Us commuters really know how to move in a certain flow. We even pre – empt moving out the way for each other sometimes.

Reading Time Out magazine ready for the weekend ahead but never doing anything it talks about. Every week. In my defence, so much of it is like “oh you should have booked weeks ago” – great. This week, I didn’t read it and Tooting was in there! Gutted.

Obsessed with food markets. Seriously, when and where can I try a new version of some kind of wrap, burger or a delicacy I’ve not tasted yet! In fact shabby chic is actually cool – on Friday I sat on a stool in Tooting Market drinking wine outside the butchers (which was obviously closed), it was lively and fun, but I was still sat on a stool, in a warehouse. (Photos from my most recent trip to Borough market are here). 

Wearing gym gear just out and about (although often with the genuine intention of going to gym). Because clearly we’re all so fit and healthy in the big city. But in my defence, it’s so comfy and encourages a work out because you feel bad if you wear it without doing any exercise – it’s actually a very clever technique!

Being practical, yet stylish. Yep I’m rocking those trainers, that rucksack and some over ear headphones. I want to be comfy and listen to my music whilst avoiding cold ears. The perfect combination. (Best to be wearing trainers during those power walks around the city). 

Risking it across the road. Not a clever tactic but us Londoners are notorious for sneaking across the road and hoping the cars stop, whoops.

Loving all views of the city. Can’t beat a roof top bar with views over the city, especially when the sun is setting…

View from Madisons over St. Pauls


  1. March 19, 2017 / 4:49 pm

    I can imagine what the supermarkets are like at that time, I suppose it’s the same anywhere in the country. Best avoided for sure! I’ve a habit of walking fast too. I am normally late for everything so that does explain it but even when i’m not i’m still can’t slow down!

    • Sarah
      March 19, 2017 / 7:46 pm

      Haha definitely! It’s funny how infuriating a slow walker can be, especially if you get stuck behind them haha! Sarah

  2. Peter Capper
    March 27, 2017 / 5:13 pm

    It’s all about dem over ear headphones!

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