Advertising Week; rugby, airports and jazz 

I’m writing this piece entitled “advertising week” (yes I know every week is advertising week) but, firstly I’ve had an exciting week at work and secondly because in the advertising industry there’s been events across London in honour of the actual event “Advertising Week“, so it seemed pretty apt.

I actually had Monday off, so it hasn’t even been a full 5 days but boy it’s felt like it. Tuesday was #WorldPoetryDay, and as the 6 Nations had just ended we worked on a poem to share online, to coincide. The poem is made of England Rugby fans’ tweets – brought together on screen and through the use of a professional voice over man – #ATweetToEngland.

We wanted to get in front of the fans, so we worked with England Rugby to share it across social channels. In the week prior we had gotten approvals from all the tweeters, and for the final match many of us had worked over the weekend to get it done ASAP. Here’s the final video, which I’m so pleased with – I hope you like it too!

On Wednesday, Kate, Cheryl and I headed West to Heathrow T5 for a tour of the advertising opportunities there with JCDecaux. You’ll likely be familiar with the brand as they own a lot of out of home advertising including bus stops, billboards and in this instance airports. Fun fact, 32 million passengers go through T5 every year!

What is really interesting is the research they’ve done into the way passengers feel at different parts of the passenger journey through the airport. At check-in they’re a little anxious, they want to get though security as quickly as possible. As they head into the departures and duty free they relax, this is a chance for experiential advertising, longer messaging and continuing ads from check-in on a number of digital screens. At the gates you can tailor what appears depending on where they’re going e.g the weather in Scotland if it’s an Edinburgh flight!

In arrivals familiar messages often work, either welcoming people home or to a new country. Global brands like Vodafone will appear here for this familiarity factor. In addition the Heathrow Express aka HEX, uses clever real time adverts showing the price and time of cabs into the city and the price and time comparison to their trains into Paddington (clue, it’s better to get the HEX according to them).

We did a lot of walking through T5 and T2 but genuinely fascinating to consider the psychology behind it all! Have a look around next time you’re in an airport, you heard it here first ;).

My Thursday started in Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club underground, for breakfast in Soho with England Rugby Player James Haskell (you’re thinking ummm what?!).

Gabby Logan, James Haskell & Laurence Buchanan on the panel at Ronnie Scotts

I attended one of the advertising week events during which Gabby Logan interviewed Haskell and a gent from EY on how data is impacting Rugby. Some hilarious behind the scenes comments on the England Rugby lads, but also interesting thoughts on the value of data as part of their training, from Haskell. Great additions to my work on data, analytics & England Rugby for advertising campaigns. The room was unsurprisingly full of guys, but I don’t blame them with the 6 Nations only just ending last weekend! Fun fact, James Haskell’s neck measures 20 inches.

Today I finally hosted my first external meet up via the Millennial Corps I’ve been involved with at work. I got together representatives from Estée Lauder Companies, Lloyds and Ogilvy to chat about our businesses and how we’re helping to drive change internally. Really interesting session so looking forward to what’s to come with that!

Ended the day planning an Easter social media campaign. I’ve just enjoyed a takeaway Pho and poured myself a glass of wine – cheers and TGIF!

Sunset by the Thames Friday evening

Friday night sunset near Sea Containers House on South Bank



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