5 delicious brunches in London

I was just scrolling through my photos and I realised that I’ve been out for brunch like every weekend for weeks. Not only have I done this, but I’ve managed to try a whole load of new places out which turns out make for a GREAT “brunch options in London” post (I’ll give you a clue.. this is it)! This is when being totally cringe and taking a billion photos of food comes in handy… you wouldn’t know what it looks like otherwise would you!


When the family came down I took them to Brickwood. I’ve been here a few times and it never fails – the atmosphere is good, the food great AND if you’re smart you send your parents ahead so you can avoid the queue haha! Brunch in London is easy across the South, there’s so many options. Having had all my fave combinations of avo on toast with chorizo, feta and sweet potato I decided to try something a little different. Polenta with beetroot hollandaise and asparagus. Nice, however I must stress that a slice of bacon would have made this meal. Mmm bacon. Good for: atmosphere, coffee & avocado on toast options. Location: Tooting Market, Balham & Clapham. 

Veggie Brunch


The following day of the same weekend we met my Auntie & Uncle and ate at Canteen at the Royal Festival Hall. Easy to book a table, we were allowed to sit as long as we wanted and it was actually so reasonably priced! I opted for Welsh Rabit with a side of bacon (I had to get my fix after the previous day’s vegetarian situ). This dish brings back childhood memories of the local department store “Beatties” in Birkenhead where I used to have this for lunch as a treat on weekends. It’s since been turned into a House of Fraser and to be honest, it could have gone for all I know?! (Anyone still Wirral based know??). Good for: easy to book tables, reasonable prices & simple British options. Location: Waterloo, Royal Festival Hall. Also Spitalfields. 

Welsh Rabit


The morning before my sister left I took her to Milk (I have blogged about this spot before). A Wednesday is a great day to visit Milk; on Wednesdays there is not a mile long queue like there is at the weekend. We strolled straight in and our food came within 15 mins, a very speedy turn around! Having tried to give up potatoes I couldn’t have the usual Convict fave, which you’ll see Rach opted for, instead choosing corn fritters with lime and bacon. Very good, but could definitely eat two (or am I just greedy?).  Good for: tiny stools, smoothies, especially the “Lauren” and a limited but tasty menu. Location: Balham. 

Brunch at Milk

Omg I was just thinking, ah last place. NO there’s two more…I’m obsessed. 

Aster Restaurant

I did bottomless brunch at Aster Restaurant with Sarah and Lauren the following weekend. Slightly more upper class and much less of the coffee in glasses and tiny stools. We had prosecco and white napkins. We chose two courses, of which were not big, (you’ll see in the pictures). Delicious all the same and we drank a lot of prosecco. So depends if you’re more interested in avocado and eggs or prosecco. Good value afternoon – recommend booking something like this for 2pm otherwise you’re way too tipsy for any earlier time of the day! Good for: atmosphere, bottomless prosecco & feeling upmarket. Location: Victoria, very close to the station. 



Fire Station 

My final brunch in London test was this Saturday just gone. Met my Uncle, pre- Rugby match for breakfast/brunch at the Fire Station at Waterloo. Having visited before for burgers and pizza I was surprised during my brunch research* that it had a menu of this kind. It was tasty and very well priced. We both picked the salt beef hash with an egg. A bloody Mary for Bob, and I joined with a little prosecco whilst we munched and caught up. Good for: reasonably priced, tasty, plenty of choice including the classic fry up. Location: Waterloo, literally at the station. 

*this involved zooming in on my desired area to see which restaurant there are and the googling their menu to see it had brunch on it. 



Wow. That’s a lot of brunch. I’ve linked up my previous posts and the restaurant websites throughout, just to be helpful you know. Have you got any recommendations for brunch in London?

Cheers & Happy Brunching.


With prosecco

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