February Faves (ish)

February had its ups and downs. I managed to do some serious posting until around the middle of the month when I dislocated my knee again, grrr (except this time it was the left instead of the usual culprit).

As you might be able to imagine, an injury like that kind of throws you off in the routine of normal life of walking at first, exercise, work, social life and I did lose motivation for blogging. I’ve had big decisions to make this past few weeks and now I’m just starting to regain focus and get back to normal -ish, as much as I can do. No more Barry’s, netball or running for a while – I’ll be looking to try and destress with impact free activities.

I did have a good February despite all that! I tried out a virtual reality experience of Heathrow airport to check out the advertising opportunities. I saw my uni girls and my family to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday in one whole weekend (yes the majority of it was spent on the train, but it was worth it to see everyone).

I bitched about Valentine’s Day and I saw the England Rugby team train (check out the photos). And during the final weekend of the month, my family came down to see Aladdin at the theatre (you can see photos of Borough Market and outside the theatre right here).

So, despite the injury and multiple healthcare appointments I’ve had since, it wasn’t all bad. I’ve got some Physio planned in preparation for my trip to Peru in 2 months so no doubt I’ll be working so hard on that I probably won’t have time to blog ha. Bring on strong knees and the spring!

How was your February? What are you doing in March?

P.S HUGE Happy Birthday to my Mum today <3

Grandmas & I

With the virtual reality headset on



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