Cocktails in the City + across the UK

Thanks to Sarah Chapman and her trip to the USA I was the lucky recipient of tickets to Cocktails in the City; a huge pop up cocktail event featuring bars from across London.

Each bar had a specific spirit they were serving and then two/three cocktails on offer based around that drink. Upon arrival we got one free cocktail and then took a walk around the huge, beautiful venue, One Marylebone. It was packed with people and over 30 different bars on three levels (there was even a “not so secret, secret bar downstairs in the Crypt). The event worked using tokens, each cocktail was £7.50 so you exchanged your hard earned cash for the tokens and then the bars were cashless. It was like being on holiday when it’s not “real” money haha!

I started with an espresso martini, tried a southern comfort cocktail and had a tasty “Stars & Stripes” from Cahoots, who had a large area at the back! There was a bar from Oslo, a photo booth and one bar even had Oysters as part of their cocktail experience (I’ve only ever heard bad things about oysters so I avoided that one).

The great news is that this event is now popping up at different locations across the country; it’s not just a “London thing”. So check out the website and find your nearest city (obviously the tickets and cocktails are cheaper outside of London). It’s a great way to try some new drinks, hang out at a cool venue and then find out which local bars are your fave! I’ve been wanting to go to Cahoots since it opened so I’ll definitely be planning a trip soon as their cocktail was delish (and by far the prettiest). Some reasonable photos from my iPhone below – I was pretty pleased with how they turned out!

Making Southern Comfort Cocktails
Soco cocktails
Cahoots Barman
Cahoots cocktails
Whisky Cocktails & an espresso Martini
The venue
Something Stiff my dear

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