Pre holiday excitement & mental health awareness  

I’ve had a few days off here and there over Xmas and for long weekends recently but not a solid week off since August. This therefore explains my excitement for tomorrow’s trip (my colleagues can vouch for this). Thought I’d do a little life round up prior to heading out into the wild below the equator and (hopefully) blogging from buses etc like I did in Vietnam!

Last weekend I did a practice pack for my trip (yes people have laughed at me already don’t worry). Thought I’d smashed it until Sunday evening when I found that I’d missed out three of my most important items (chargers, first aid and snacks). Wish me luck for the pack REAL pack this evening haha!

Work has been busy but I’ve had some successful days completing my to do lists, plus two great meet ups with my marketing colleagues and my external network of people from Millennial Corps equivalents in other companies! It’s good to get excited about the little wins in life to keep motivated and positive – keeping the focus on what I have achieved rather than things I might not have.

This leads me nicely to the fact it’s mental health awareness week. I wrote about this topic back in January last year for #timetotalk day but since then it’s become an even more important area in my life. My comments in this previous post around exercise, stress and dealing with the anxieties of life are so relevant to me now, and have been over the past 6 months.

It’s never been more important for us to talk about these issues, sharing how we feel and seeking support from friends and family. It’s so easy to hide away and not address how you feel, and from my own experience I know that it’s so worth talking anything and everything through. No matter how big or small a thought it might be, chances are sharing it with just one person will reduce it’s size in your mind and help you manage it better.

Earlier in the year I read “Reasons to stay Alive” by Matt Haig – an incredibly powerful story documenting his battle with depression and anxiety but ultimately a true demonstration of how strong we all are and can be. Well worth a read.

There’s also a lot of articles, tweets, blogs and support available online. In particular the “Heads Together” charity support by Kate, Will & Harry has touched many recently. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

So, with all this in mind, my plan is to relax on holiday, blog and enjoy taking some fab photos (as per my NY resolution). My knee is strong according to my physio and I’ll be squeezing as much as I can into my rucksack (hopefully) – what could possibly go wrong?

** Notes to Strangers was started by artist Andy Leek “A project started after experiencing a mental health issue, I decided to try to help strangers that might be having a hard time.”

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