2017 Goals – a mid(ish) year review

Well well well, it’s 6 months on since I wrote those goals. Let’s have a little look at if I’m on the way to achieving them or they’ve totally passed me by haha! (ok I wrote this ages ago and then never had chance to post, it’s now 7 months later haha).

  • Take more photos with my Nikon – took so many when I was away in South America, with so many beautiful sights to see it was very hard to put it away! Check out the best shots from the trip in my May favourites post.
  • Run 50km in races – with my knee injury in early Feb I’ve only just started running again, perhaps I can do half of this goal in the next 6 months so at least I’m achieving something!
  • Visit a new country – yessss, did this and I totally kept forgetting during all the planning that we were visiting Bolivia too so I’ve actually visited two! I’d like to visit another new one at the end of the year, planning to do a one woman city break with my camera so it’ll help me with these goals all in one!
  • Feel healthier – getting there.. but I don’t eat badly and I’m trying to exercise more regularly. So hard when you’ve had a busy day at work to want to anything but lie down haha!
  • Save more – hahah.
  • Read more and review – I’ve actually not even read that much recently, I’ve been listening to a lot more music which I’m loving! Dua Lipa & Lorde’s albums are particularly amazing, I would definitely recommend them!
  • Worry less – MUCH better at this. Not perfect, but who is?
  • Be really really good at my job – working my little trainer socks off at this currently so we’ll see if it pays off in the next month or so! (This got even more intense during the two weeks of actual Wimbledon and I’m still recovering, hoping that a 3 day weekend I’ve got from today will help me rest and get back to normal!). 


So with these all work in progress I’ve come up with some additional challenges for myself for the rest of 2017:

  • Weekend away with my camera (BOOKED THIS WEEK for Nov)
  • Cinema alone (planning to do this, this weekend!)
  • Start my scrapbook again (having found lots of souvenirs whilst sorting out my room this is a definite must do!)
  • Add photos from my Nikon to my India blogs (they’re all photoless at the moment and I got some great shots)
  • Get a tattoo (hahah only 10 years I’ve been talking about getting one)


I’ll keep you posted on my progress over the next few months. Have you kept to yours? 



This is my visual representation of reviewing goals haha, whilst drinking coffee šŸ˜‰

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