How to spend a day in Tooting

As you all well know (and having lived there for 3 years) I’m a big fan of Tooting and I even updated my “what to do in Tooting” post for 2017 to add my latest experiences in. BUT, that is quite an overwhelming list so I thought I’d do a lovely little “day in Tooting” plan so that you guys can make the most of this fab part of London properly over the summer. (Also this is mostly just a diary of what I did on my day off on Tuesday, so I know it works as a plan).

I’d suggest you start you day with coffee and/or brunch. Arrive into Tooting Bec and head a few doors down to Green Monkey. Here the friendly team will serve you delicious NUDE coffee (they themselves are NOT nude I hasten to add) complemented by a choice of freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and brunch related items. Here you should fuel up for the rest of your afternoon.

Head down Tooting Bec road towards the common where you can enjoy the gorgeous park (especially when it’s sunny). There’s a range of sporting activities over the weekend, a pond with ducks and tennis courts.

But was I do suggest you do is head to Tooting Bec Lido – a infamous London Lido which has been home to South West swimmers for the past 111 years! At 91.5m long, it gives you a really great work out without having to do that many lengths. Change by the side of the pool, and leave small valuables at the office. At £7.20, this is a much more cost effective work out that some of those pricey / fancy work out classes! There’s even a cafe for post swim snacks.

Assuming it’s a sunny day (which the majority of this post is based on), I recommend you head back to Tooting Bec station and head left down towards Tooting Broadway. It’s down here you could stop off for a drink or two in some of Tooting’s best beer gardens – notably the King’s Head about half way down, then The Castle as you approach Broadway and then The Trafalgar Arms just past the station. There’s plenty of sunny spots at these pubs so you will not be disappointed.

Later in the evening you HAVE to get a curry, I mean we’re in Tooting for god’s sake it’s BETTER than Brick Lane I’ll tell you. There’s actually a whole blog dedicated to rating those curry spots in Tooting you’ll be pleased to know but I would recommend Mirch Masala, Dosa’n’Chutney or Apollo Banana Leaf. I’ve heard that the latter is really delicious so naturally I needed to try it out before I wrote about hearing that it was great having not been, AGAIN. Not really how it works with these blog things is it?

From the ABL menu I would highly recommend saag aloo (potato & spinach), chicken dosa (massive pancake with tasty stuff inside), pilau rice and a Mutton Ceylon (curry, quite spicy). For two, this actually an ideal amount of food, (hate that feeling of too full). The restaurant isn’t fussy and fancy and if you’re having a few drinks it’s BYOB, which makes for a relatively cheap meal. The perfect end to a day in Tooting. Just nearby is the Trafalgar Arms so for a post curry tipple this has a lovely view over the main road (haha, and also my gym, but we won’t mention that).

Have you got any other recommendations for Tooting? What would you do there? 

Food at Green Monkey

Food at Green Monkey

Tooting Lido

Tooting Lido

Possibly the worst food photo I've ever taken

Possibly the worst food photo I’ve ever taken but you get the idea

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