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Haaaaving a super chilled weekend, so chilled infact that I haven’t caught up on my blog (I admit I spent the most of late yesterday afternoon watching all episodes of The Night Manager and then 10 mins of Tom Hiddleston on Graham Norton, I’m in love with him). Anyway yes, back to fun July favourites, outside of the greatest tennis tournament in the world which shall not be named again – here are a few of highlights from the month.


I don’t normally talk about dating life or music too much on here, but I have to say the one particular previous date got me back into music at the beginning of this year and I am so glad.

A notable artist that I am now obsessed with is Lorde – her album Melodrama is honestly, amazing. Don’t get me wrong, “Royals” resonated, but this compilation of catchy, slow, yet up beat tracks tell the tales of her growing up over the past four years (since Royals), and there’s a song for every moment you might have (as a adult pretending not to be). Her eccentricity is reflected in her music, style and approach to work. There’s a nice article here about the release – but I recommend you just listen (if you haven’t already) rather than read.


Bongo’s Bingo

Bingo is now cool. In fact in a bizarre, nightclub, bingo, OktoberFest mash up we’re now inclined to by tickets to an event which not only has your classic bingo books and dabbers, but is interjected with bench & table dancing, two scantily clad (and more notably pretty sweaty) guys in dresses and rave lighting in a huge warehouse – and in this particular instance (Liverpool) it’s hosted by a crazy Irish man who projects huge pictures of literal “dick heads” (famous faces with penis’ on their heads) onto the wall  behind him if someone calls out and they haven’t won!

Then there’s the prizes, bouncy castle anyone? Cardboard cut of out Jezza C? Double ended dildo? Huge fluffy unicorn? All in the name of fun. Be on look out for ticket announcements on Facebook as they sell out FAST!


The Big Sick

In my goal review post you may have seen that I wrote myself a list of further goals I had for the rest of the year – one of which was to go the cinema alone.

So off I went, last weekend to see the Big Sick. Loosely based on the true story of (and written by) Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani’s relationship covering a whole range of challenges including the cultural divide between Nanjiani’s Pakinstani family and the western world they’re surrounded by in the US, Gordon’s family, life for Nanjiani trying to become a comedian and of course the big issue that Gordon gets sick and is in a coma for the vast majority of the story.

Starring Kumail as himself alongside Zoe Kazan, I feel must have been strange, how do you play a character that is basically you, but slightly different ha?! It had all the best parts of a romcom, some love, something goes wrong, there are some realisations and ultimately you leave the cinema with a smile on your face. The perfect Sunday afternoon film, with ice cream, alone – trust me.


The Dick Heads I referenced

Yes that is Will Smith with a penis on his head

Here’s a taster (I don’t know why I can’t have this embedded, but take a look).

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