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The way Anna Kendrick’s book is written reminds me of a/ myself and b/ how I’d like to write if I was to have more balls about the kind of terminology I could use without my manager (or my managers manager) thinking it was totally inappropriate (you cannot control who reads your blog, it’s like a well written diary that has no lock).

Anna Kendrick's book on arrow patterned sheets

The book documents Anna’s life, from career, family and boys, to award ceremonies, film sets, the loss of her Grandma and how to sit in a car without getting creases in a ball gown. She’s funny, normal and mostly just really honest about how situations have made her feel, developed her career and helped her become the Anna K we love today.

Having not read that many autobiographies before (Russell Brand and Cheryl’s to be TOTALLY honest with you), I found this one much more real, I felt like she was actually engaging with me haha (does that really surprise you?). What I love about Anna is that you can tell, whether it’s through her book, interviews, or tweets, she’s actually a normal person. Like me (and many of us) she worries about a million things at one time, she wants to be amazing at her job (which just happens to be an actress), has a load of side projects to keep up with + she strives to be a good friend and family member!

I guess we all think film sets are glam (which partly they are) but I think having read her honest description about the long hours filming and then months of promoting the film when it’s released, is tiring! Think of all those actors that go on Graham Norton, they’re going on a whole load of chat shows all over the world and basically saying the exact same thing – seems actually quite boring!!

Anyway, if you’re looking for a lighthearted read which will genuinely make you laugh, this is the one. It took me ages to read because I had the hardback copy (and it was heavy in my bag so I stopped carrying it around haha so lazy) but apparently it’s out in paperback now yay.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

And to complement, here’s some Anna K highlights from YouTube, enjoy!

LOVE this one at 1min 14

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