Trying to keep up with life

This happens like about 3 times a year, I literally run out of time to do all life.

You know for example, work, working out, being sociable, keeping up with the news, reading books, listening to podcasts, learning about the latest technology trends, calling friends, visiting friends, facetiming the fam, painting my toes, washing my hair, seeing the family, planning holidays, moving flats, going on dates, attending marketing events, tweeting, instagraming, tagging friends in memes in facebook AND blogging is really hard.

Something has to give and it’s usually that last item just there – poor blog. I’ve even written posts and not got round to sharing them..

Thought I’d use this as an August round up of life which has been hectic with a number of items from the list above including the big flat move!

The month started with a trip to the North East visiting the Rachs in Leeds and then heading up to Durham to see Kirsty. We had a lovely evening out in Newcastle (literally all of the NE cities haha) with dinner at Chilli Padi, a BOYB Indonesian restaurant. We stayed so long chatting we got kicked out in the end ha.

A few days later I had my lovely little sister visit and we a cute little day having brunch and then seeing Matilda at the theatre! SUCH a good musical – the kids were amazing and the songs really fun, fitting perfectly with the classic Roald Dahl novel.

Kate and I managed to grab a sneaky free Aperol Spritz one day after work at the pop up stand and people across the internet shared their experiences of the Trivago lady who has been following commuters across London for weeks (see here).

Then I moved flats, having done my best at the DIY prior to moving out. We took all our belongings from (my fave) Tooting to Balham as we embark on a new time in our lovely flat (much nicer than the old one).

The month ended in the Gherkin with Nat, having drinks with the Marketing Society with some decent London views. Can’t beat a good city view, especially in London 💜👌🏼!

Plans for some new posts are WIP, but watch this space! I’ve been resharing my fave travel posts these past few weeks so look out for more of those.

How has your summer been?

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