October Faves

In York with my Camera

Corporate Service Corps 

The day I headed to Morocco I had an early phone call from my manager to say I’d been accepted on a programme at work called Corporate Service Corps – I’d applied months ago and it’s very very competitive. The programme gives IBMers a leadership opportunity to work with organisations in developing markets all the over world in global teams. There’s around 3 months of virtual pre work and then the team head out to the client for a month of intense working – it’s such a fantastic opportunity and I’m beyond excited for it!! Watch this space for updates on where & when I’ll be going – and of course I’ll be blogging on here throughout! Check out the website to find out more about the global programme and the how IBM has helped organisations all over the world.

Work adventures

Had a fantastic couple of days before my holiday at work, firstly at our flagship event Watson Summit. I’d managed to arrange for my friend Bev to be on one of the panel sessions so it was great to see her doing so well in front of a huge crowd of clients & IBMers. The following day we delivered our Marketing Matters event for charities at Wimbledon with organisations that are part of the Wimbledon Foundation Charity – presented on social media and had such great feedback for the event afterwards. Such a rewarding and fun day to spend out of the normal day job!

Morocco 🇲🇦

I ticked off another new country this year with my surf trip to Morocco. A perfectly timed trip that I really needed to chill out after such a busy summer at work – read all about my solo adventure in the posts here.

Giving Blood

Ever since my Grandpa was poorly a few years back I’ve been trying to give blood – he had a lot of transfusions so I was keen to give back to help others. My travels and a cold stopped me on the previous times I had tried, so giving blood this week felt like a really big achievement. Luckily I’m not scared of needles so after the preparation questionnaire to check I was kosher this time, I headed to the chair and got wired up with the tubes. I felt a little tired after and the morning after my arm was pretty achy – otherwise it was pretty simple! I’d encourage you to do the same if possible, some people cannot due to the size of their veins, recent travels or piercings / tattoos but if you’re eligible it’s an amazing thing to do and your donation could save a life!

Cannot believe that October is basically over! I’ve got a chilled weekend ahead before a busy week, which includes the 2017 Wired event, some of you may remember I banged on about how amazing last years was for quite a while – watch this space for some amazing stories. November will be a little crazy, but it does include some exciting travel plans. Follow me on Instagram for regular updates of what I’m upto ☺️.

How was your October? Doing anything fun this weekend or for Halloween?

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