Surf Berbere, Taghazout | Beginner Surfer Diary Part 2

Surf Berbere, Taghazout

Each day at Surf Berbere has a routine. A buffet breakfast is from 8am, during which the hosts come around to chat to everyone about what they wanted to do for the day e.g. surf lesson, drop off, wetsuits required, boards etc.. or if you fancied doing something else you were welcome to do that too. From there we head on to the surf shop where we got loaded into the vans with all our kit and headed out to the beaches to find the best waves. (Check out my first post right here).

Buffet Breakfast at the camp including bread, coffee and fruit

The morning is for surf lessions with our instructor, mine was Ilyass and we were grouped depending on our ability – so I was put into a beginner team with two guys, and three dutch girls; this was the start of our fun little group!

Lunch arrives in cool boxes at around 12.30pm and afterwards we can chill or head back out our to practicing surfing with the instructor nearby for some additional guidance.

Surf Lesson

We head back to camp at around 4/5pm for chilling time, or to do yoga before dinner if you fancy it. Dinner is at 7.30pm on the roof terrace and then people head to bed or hang out afterwards – super chilled!

Saturday 14th Oct
Unfortunately, on the Saturday (after my amazing Friday), I wasn’t feeling very well. Managed to chill through yoga and headed to the beach anyway where I relaxed in the shade most of the day. I think the heat, the sea and tiredness hit me badly as I was asleep by 8.30pm that evening haha!

Sunday 15th Oct
12 hours later I was feeling back to normal and I was raring to go and test out my new found skills in the sea. After a drive around some of the beaches, our group along with Pru & Matt went rogue and decided to head to another beach for bigger and better waves.

Ilyass drove us back to Agadir where we had been for the previous two days. We surfed, chilled and laughed a lot – such a great group. That evening we picked up some beers on the way home and arranged to meet up later on for drinks & dinner as it was Bjoern’s last night. Dinner, drinks & an intense game of bullshit (with my London underground cards) later I was headed to bed.

Dressed in a colourful shirt, stood on the beach with a pink board
the group in the van with beers after a day surfing

Monday 16th Oct
We visited K17 beach on Monday, (named after how far it is from Agadir haha). We had depleated numbers of the group after Bjoern left and Matt & Pru had stayed at the camp to chill out. I had a slight panic after my knee twisted a little as I climbed onto the board (literally my worst nightmare, being in the sea with my knee hurting), but it was okay and after a rest on the beach I faced my fears and got back up onto the board! The waves were pretty choppy that afternoon and the five of us spent a lot of the afternoon relaxing under the umbrellas haha!

Tuesday 17th Oct
This was one of my favourite days – back at Adgair beach, Ilyass had a small group (the dutch girls had left now too) so helped push me to try out some green waves. When you learn you start off in the white wash, practice turning and then you can head out deeper to catch waves before they break (green waves). I managed to catch a few small green waves and Ilyass captured a few photos and videos for me (to prove I could do it hahah).

That evening there was a party on the roof terrace. The group (gappies) who are on the 3 month instructor course have Wednesdays off, plus it was the birthday of one of the hosts Hannas, so everyone was celebrating and drinking – so much fun!!

Surfing in the white wash
Me walking out to sea with a green surf board
Yellow and blue Sunset over Taghazout

Wednesday 18th Oct
My final day at the beach was slowwwww – a few of us were hungover, I was very tired and the wind really picked up which made it really hard to catch the waves. It was a bit chilly too so we spent a lot of time wrapped in towels trying to keep warm haha. The sea was like a washing machine for the most part of the day, however, keen to end on a high I managed to catch a few waves at the end of the day and turn left & right!

A great end to my surfing experience. That evening, Ilyass, Matt, Pru & I had a tagine at the Surf Camp cafe – the wind was picking up and I was wearing jeans and a hoody haha (easing myself back into the UK weather)! The sunset over the bay at Taghazout was amazing that evening – a gorgeous end to the trip.

Pink and purple sunset from a rooftop in Taghazout

Thursday 19th Oct
After saying goodbye to all my new surfing friends on Thursday morning, I headed home with Matt & Pru who were on my flight back to Gatwick. Such an amazing trip – despite coming on my own, I was never actually alone. With the apartment to myself I had the chance to chill when I wanted, but also the option to hang out with people at the camp. Nat was right, it’s an ideal place to come and meet people so easily.

The other bonus is that I didn’t think about work or life once; just surfing, every day. I loved that the people I met, no matter how old they were, were all there to get away from work – escape normal life and relax. It was an incredible experience, I’d definitely reccommend it to other budding surfers (or like me, those who’ve never even considered surfing but fancy a holiday) and go back to improve my skills on the board!

Boards on the beach

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