Tips for moving house (rental only)


For those of us who a/ aren’t quite ready to settle down and buy, b/ can’t afford to or c/ don’t want to – here’s some tips on what to do if you’re ready for change in rental property. Please note this post is very London centric as that’s what I know, but I have no doubt these tips will be a least little bit handy for others outside of the M25 high price bubble (you guys are definitely getting more for your money, trust me).

1/ Be prepared – properties move so fast on the rental market (in London) so you’ve got to be in a position to put a holding deposit on that evening after a viewing if you see something you like. (I don’t think) it’s quite as vicious in other cities but chances are there aren’t as many so it’s still worth being prepared to seal the deal on the rental property of your dreams.
2/ Be price savvy – (saying that) keep an eye out for prices ahead of the time you actually want to move. It’s good to do your research on the quality you can get for your money. A lot of areas are up & coming but if for example you walk another 5 mins to the local station you could probably save a bit of money (plus think of the extra steps, health benefit right there).
3/ Know your rights. If you’re moving out of somewhere and there are viewings with new prospective tenants, estate agents / your landlord legally have to give you 24 hours written notice before entering the property, as per the 1988 housing act. You actually have the right to refuse them entry if they turn up without this agreement in place or if they contact earlier in the day and you don’t want them to come over – it’s ok to say no.
4/ Enlist the support of a local cafe/business for boxes – they’ll no doubt get loads of deliveries and if it’s near where you live you won’t have to carry the flatpacks far.
5/ SORT OUT YOUR SHIT – I am the worst hoarder. I often use the mind set of “well I might need this…” when? When did you last wear it? Look at it? Read it? Etc etc – be brutal as us Londoners don’t have much space and it’s much easier to move with less stuff. Take things to charity shops or fill up those bags that come through the doors, that way you don’t even have to go anywhere! Make friends with black bin bags and take what you really need. I’ve still got stuff to get rid of…
6/ Get a zip van for moving – SO easy. They have their own parking spaces and you can book by the hour and unlock it with your phone. We got basically three peoples stuff in ours (and that’s with two of us who like a lot of things). Worst case you have two trips! Other options include, parents (if they’re local), boyfriends/girlfriends, helpful mates with larger cars or a “man with a van” there’s loads on Gumtree!
7/ Get moving – & enjoy your new place!

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