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Day 1

Wowwwweeeee I love Copenhagen. Literally, what a great place. Super chill, beautiful, stylish, great people and awesome food. Got back last night after two days, one night – totally not enough and I can’t wait to go back. This was the trip I booked in July as my “go away with my camera alone” holiday, so only a short one. Since then, I out tripped myself by going to Morocco on my own for a whole week. Anywaaaaay, here’s what I got upto with some iPhone photos too ☺️🇩🇰! (Best of the Nikon photos here)

Upon my arrival at about 10am, I took a train straight into the city centre to the City Hall for a walking tour. I figured this was the best way to see all the sights and then I could navigate back around them if I wanted to. There was a large group of us that got split up between a few guides and our enthusiastic American guide took the group on our way. Made a new friend in the group, Tomas from Lithuania 🇱🇹 we chatted throughout the tour which made 3 hours of walking much more fun.

Nyhavn harbour

Itinerary for the tour was as follows:

  • The City Hall – the 2nd tallest tower in the city.
  • Christiansborg palace – once the Home to the royal family but after it burnt down twice they gave it to the government!
  • The old City Centre
  • Nyhavn harbour – once home to slums, sailors and prostitutes – now a gorgeous colourful harbour and a huge CPN attraction.
  • The Royal Opera
  • The Royal Palace of Amalienborg – where the queen actually lives today.
Christiansborg Palace
Christiansborg Palace
City Hall Towers
The City Hall

Other fun facts I learned:

Copenhagen has really struggled with burning down, in fact buildings and part of the city have burnt down a number of times. Apparently after 1795, the second time half the city burnt down the, fireman put into place three new rules: 1/ all buildings had to be the same height, 2/ there could be nothing flammable on the outside and finally 3/ no corners of buildings to make it easiest to navigate the streets should they’re be another fire! A lot of old buildings in CPN have flat corners for this reason!

The 70-something well loved Queen Margaret speaks 5 languages, a number of different degrees and translated the lord of the Rings books from English into Danish – what a hero!

I didn’t realise but Carlsberg is Danish (probably because I don’t really drink it, but I do love their advertising). Jacobsen the founder of the brewery started it after he was sick of Denmark being known for bad beer, in fact he did so well at this, the yeast he created is now widely used by most large breweries across the world. The Carlsberg foundation helps the country to build and restore buildings and notably funded the creation of the little mermaid statue.

with the mermaid statue

Following the tour, Tomas and I visited said mermaid statue and then warmed up in the Coffee Factory. I had a well needed stop off at my hostel to sit down and sort myself out haha! I stayed at the Generator hostel because I’ve preciously been to the London & Dublin ones of these too and they’re great, cost me about £30 for a bed in a 8 person dorm – perfect for what I needed (literally somewhere cheap to sleep). At around 5ish I headed on the metro to Dybbølsgade to meet Louise (who I met in Morocco!! How cool is that) and her friend Amy!

We headed to a Absalon, a community dining hall where we were seated next to strangers and shared a meal. The food was delicious and reallly good value, as was the wine (bear in mind that my coffee earlier in the day had converted to around £6, this meal was £11 so much better value)! We spent the evening chatting with a Danish family, including a sassy 12 year old called Sofia. One of those random hilarious nights that you actually can’t really explain hahah!

With Wine at the absalon

Day 2

On day 2 I visited Rosenvelt Slot a gorgeous castle in an autumnal park Kongens Have. Following this I walked down the road to Torvehallerne, a Borough Market style food hall with loads of delicious looking stalls and tasty things to buy! Also stumbled upon this gorgeous home / gift shop called Stilleben. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING in there, cups, decor, pencils, cards, bowls etc argh it was so beaut but so expensive.

Rosenborg Castle
Rosenborg Castle

Before I met Louise and Amy at Papiroren, a big Street Food Hall, I wandered back through the streets I’d visited on Friday. It was so wet and rainy that all my photos had a horrible grey sky, and on the Saturday the blue skies were much more visible so I wanted to get some good pictures. Bumped into the girls at Nyhavn taking photos of the gorgeous colourful buildings! We headed over the river to eat, so much choice from all over the world but I opted for a traditional Danish open sandwich called a Mørrebrød with loads of fish on, it was delicious!


The girls headed to cycle around the free town, Christiania, and I wandered back through the city to central station. Denmark vs Ireland in the football last night so there were a lot of rowdy Irish guys around and plenty of Danish people getting their faces painted etc.


34,000 steps around the city later I was boarding my plane back to Gatwick after an amazing whistle stop tour of a gorgeous city. Need to get myself a Hygge book immediately and basically be Danish now, super cool and so fun!

Feeling Hygge
Feeling Hygge

Here’s a few things I didn’t make it to, but are highly recommended by friends and guides online:

  • Christiania, “free town” where there’s hippies and weed readily available to buy
  • Tivoli Gardens – for amusements and rides
  • Botanisk – beautiful botanical gardens
  • Kastellet – star shaped grass fort that was used to protect the city and the palace many, many years ago
  • Magasin / Illum – for shopping
  • Starwars Bikes – ideal for navigating around the city
  • Kodbyen / Meatpacking district – good restaurants and bars
  • Union street cafe – amazing and very popular brunch spot
  • Neighbourhood Pizza – gourmet pizza and amazing cocktails
  • Lidkoep – fab cocktail/whiskey bar
  • Osteria 16 – fab Italian Restaraunt
  • Bronnum – good cocktail bar next to ‘Nyhavn’ – same owners as Lidkoep

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