2018 goals & plans

Looking out at 2018

Looking out at 2018 (in Thurstaston)

It’s actually really weird looking back at goals for 2017, because it really feels like I wrote them just yesterday or something. Last year flew by, and despite re-reviewing them a couple of times it’s been hard to keep up – as you’ll know from my previous post that some of them didn’t come about as easy as others. There’s a couple on this year’s list that will be familiar, and some are developments of what I aimed to do last year, here goes 2018…

Improve photography skills – having taken more photos last year, now it’s time to make them better. I kind of know what to do, but without ongoing practice I won’t actually ever get better. There’s some light shows in London throughout January and then travels this year will give me chance to practice.

Try vlogging – looking at getting a small camera with a flip screen for China so I can start vlogging. I’ve had some positive feedback from my instagram stories, so I think this year is the time to get on with a few test vlogs!

READ MORE & REVIEW – I mean I had this one last year and I started off 2017 strong with a review of Modern Romance. Kind of lost my way as I do tend to go through phases of loving reading on the tube and then hating it and just needing to zone out to music haha. Let’s try again this year…

SAVE MONEY – I think this will be a goal every year forever. Like my whole life…

Be mindful regularly – yoga, pilates, walks, colouring – taking time to just relax is definitely on my 2018 agenda. Even taking baths – now I can actually run a hot one in my new flat. Life is so hectic in London (and everywhere to be fair) that I need to remind myself to just chill sometimes.

Visit some different London parks – love that fact that London has so much green space, so with the previous goal in mind I’d like to visit many more of them in 2018…

Learn a language – I’m going to try a little bit of Chinese haha…

Surfing – got to get back to my favourite new found hobby. A friend recently sent me loads of recommendations for spots in the UK so looking forward to re-testing my mermaid / surfer chick skills out on the British Coast at some point this year.

Be kind – to myself and to others.

There’s no new year, new me here – just me trying to keep up with everything that life throws! Do you have any goals, resolutions or plans for 2018?

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