How to feel like an adult

 I wrote most of this post, before I had the unfortunate stabbing incident this week, which has made a slight dent in my adult confidence (and my hand) – but here goes… 

One of my fave memes (apart from those about bee movie which I discovered recently), is this:
Adulting Meme

I guess what we’ve all started to realise is that actually when we were kids, even though our parents, aunties, uncles, fake aunties and uncles who were actually just our next door neighbour or your mum’s mate from school, were adults, they didn’t have a clue either! They too were all looking at each other like, “umm how does this work?!” – whether that be reference to a baby, oven, partner or otherwise, it’s become very clear to us all now that no one really knows how to adult.

The second realisation is that we still have to act like an adult (this is where it gets hard). We have to work, eat, drink, save, pay bills, pay for the dentist, organise our own doctors appointments etc etc etc – and this is the bit that’s really annoying.

SO, if you’ve felt particularly un-adult recently, here’s some really easy things you can do to just feel slightly more grown up and in control of life:
  • Floss – gah I hate it too, how horrible is it threading a long string between your teeth. Rumour has it though (according to the terrifying leaflet they gave me at the dentist) is that it can prevent gum disease and no one wants that. Floss is like £2, we’ve really got no excuses here.
  • Use a recyclable coffee cup – whether it’s a mug on your desk or a keep cup for when you’re on the go, plenty of coffee shops do discount if you bring your own. Honestly think of all those paper cups you’ll be saving by having one with you!
  • Keep a plant alive – hahah ok this is a trick one, because it is hard. But water them regularly, don’t repot in the winter and keep the tag when you buy it so you can google exactly how to look after that make of plant. Don’t do what I did and throw that away immediately so you spend the next year guessing which one it might me and then showing it to your mum on FaceTime hoping she (the more adult adult in this instance) can help.
  • Give blood – I know loads of people hate needles, but if you don’t please sign up and give blood. It can save so many lives, and they’re always in need of stocks. You can donate every few months as long as you’re healthy, check out the details here.
  • Register as an organ donor – similar to the point above, you could save someone else’s life in the future. Have you signed up? It honestly takes 1 min right here.
  • Plan a night in with yourself – wash your make up brushes, have a nice meal, light a candle, take a bath – just have some you time and enjoy it.
  • Wear what you want – I’ve definitely found my own style this past year (cue Mom jeans, trainers and an oversized coat), and honestly it’s really great just knowing that you can go out just wearing what you feel comfortable in. Embrace your own style and don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing – you’ll feel so grown up.
  • Batch cook – getting home late from work? Can’t be bothered to cook? With a little effort over the weekend you too can be popping tasty meals in the microwave and eating them in 5 mins when you’re home – what a WINNER.
  • Make sure you have a first aid kit – very handy if you find yourself in the situation I did earlier this week whereby you need antiseptic wipes, plasters, creams etc etc. Very adult IMO.
  • Own a lot of coats – maybe it’s just me, but I associate being a grown up with owning a lot of coats. I think it’s because when I was growing up Mum and Dad always had loads and now I’ve turned into them and I even bought an actual waterproof cagoule the other day. WHO AM I?!

Any further tips on how to adult?

Here’s a photo of me in my latest addition to the coat collection – photo credit to Daddy Warsaw.

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