Design Thinking & Karaoke

​Well I’ve been a bit quiet on here after a fairly active first week blogging. We’ve all had a busy week working with our clients, some teams presenting their first deliverable, some delivering workshops and some learning more information from the client that can help the projects over the next couple of weeks (yes team 5). In fact Jocelyne wrote a very honest piece on our team blog about their team’s workshop, and different levels of expectations and experiences they had this week understanding what their client needs specifically.

my client helping us

On Monday afternoon, Laura delivered a training session for all of us and the project assistants to learn about Design Thinking (DT) – so that they knew what it was all about to help us effectively deliver to our Chinese clients. We used empathy mapping, personas and plenty of post it notes to get prepped.

Wednesday evening was our community “day” event which we were required to organise as a CSC give back. I took the lead on organising a careers session for a local university, “Changzhou Institute of Technology”. They had an awesome campus just outside of the city centre, so we took over three rooms to share some IBM love. I kicked off with a brand session including a quiz to test the students on what they knew about IBM, plus my usual brand content from my previous presentations at work. Edna and Jocelyne also added to the mix, and we each got up and did a little intro explaining where in the world we were from and what we did.

Presenting to the students

The full group at the community day

For the following 90 mins or so the student rotated around three sessions; Bruno & Melinda on work/life balance, Jimmy & I on personal branding and the rest of the team delivering a panel session giving the students the opportunity to ask career questions. We all reconvened afterwards and asked what they had learned – a lot it seemed, which that was amazing to hear! Really pleased that it went well!!

Thursday evening we took the bus back to the hotel from work, which was really fun (I obviously love public transport). Before we knew it, after some more work, it was Friday night waahhhoooo!

We all hung out in the team room, had dinner at an Istanbul restaurant and then a stint at a KTV spot. Yeah, the Chinese LOVE their karaoke, in fact the other day I saw some single karaoke booths, so you can go in and enjoy yourself without disturbing others hahah! The place we visited was enormous, with private rooms, long corridors and some elaborate decor. I attempted an Adele number and there was some serious team effort on the Michael Jackson track. Fantastic team bonding celebrating the mid point of our month here in Changzhou 🙌🏼

HUGE karaoke bar

Team Shot

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