Goodbye London. Hello Shanghai.

I’ve been mentally and physically preparing for today since November when I first found out my group and start date for CSC & heading to China. This few weeks I’ve been organising, packing, working, seeing friends and family and I even spent £20 in Poundland on snacks just in case I need something british one day (not exactly sure how I’m gna enjoy chicken feet but I’ll keep you posted). With the UK struggling to handle the slight chill and snowfall (so typical), I’m just praying that I don’t have any trouble flying later on, eek!

Wanted to do a Feb faves post before I went away, so here’s a few highlights from the month:

New family members – Met my cousin once removed (my cousin’s son George), such a cutie – with two very proud parents. So looking forward to getting to know him as he grows up!
Meeting George

F**k Tinder speed dating – very different to my last experience, but it did make Valentine’s Day with the girls very fun! This time it was group based, so we all got to chat in a much more relaxed, much less “job interview” style approach (see my last post on speed dating). There was group activities, a MC and two comedians to keep us entertained – the boys swapped tables every 15 mins or so and we were encouraged to circle our faves on a piece of card (we were all numbered). The idea being that those who circled each other would be put in touch. A very fun evening, it felt a bit like meeting at freshers in 1st year of university, there was a group of us all hanging out at the pub afterwards and promising we’d have a big night out another time hahah…

Cocktails at Cahoots – I’ve wanted to visit this 1940’s underground themed cocktail bar since it opened, and luckily I had the chance this Monday. Surrounded by London Underground memorabilia (literally my dream), we drank extravagant looking cocktails, some tasty smokey, some were tangy and we accompanied they with some meats and pickle. A delightful little evening in a spot made for someone like me with a passion for the LU.

Eating – had a couple of lovely meals out with work, friends and family, some of which feature in my last post. I also had a lovely brunch in King’s Cross at Drink Shop Do – bottomless bagels & prosecco – what a dream!!

Earlier this week we had a video call with our client in China, to learn a bit more about the organisation we’ll be working with and for her to get to know us too – very exciting, yet I have no doubt will be challenging in so many ways. I’m currently sat on my bed with my bags packed, coat at the ready awaiting my taxi to the airport. Bring it on!!
Chinatown in London

China town in London, looking gorgeous after Chinese New Year Celebrations in February

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