Summer Faves

Me with Champagne

It’s Saturday night. Today I’ve started a new book, drank a lot of coffee, done a food shop, watched a Rom Com and repotted three baby cacti into a new pot. WHO AM I?! So grown up.

Ok, I am drinking wine now and planning to head out later, but still – a pretty grown up day if you ask me?

It’s nearing the end of June, since I got back from my trip to China it’s been all hands on deck at work getting everything together for this year’s Wimbledon campaign. Typically I talk about this a lot (I did last year), but been trying to stop myself from boring you all with tennis talk this year. Saying that, we won a Silver Lion for the campaign last year at Cannes this week which was really exciting! Anywayyyy, here’s a few early Summer favourites from the past month or so.

Taste of London

Last Sunday for Father’s Day I convinced Mum & Dad to jump on the train down to London to see me for the day up at Regent’s Park. It wasn’t as sunny as I had hoped but we spent the afternoon drinking delicious drinks and trying foods from pop up versions of restaurants from all over London. Mum was loving trying new gins, including “collagin”, a new female focussed gin with actual collagen in?! Plus, we had calamari salad, a cheese donut, chicken fried chicken, grana padana, prosecco and more. Mum even managed to make two new friends and buy a fully stocked bag of olive oil and tapenade.

Boozical – starring the Greatest Showman

Yes, you nailed it, the word ‘boozical’ is basically booze + musical. Hidden away in the depths of the cinema room at The Exhibit in Balham, myself, Lauren, Ellie & Harriet (following a lovely burger brunch), sang our way through the Greatest Showman with the words on screen (think back to the sing along version of your fave Disney films, it’s like that but for “grown ups”). Girls at the back were singing, couples were cringing and we had a fabulous time. Would recommend. Prosecco, the girls, Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron – you can’t really go wrong.

B is for Brighton

Spent a couple of days at Media 360, an industry event with plenty of interesting speakers for someone like me. Check out my write up, available on the Marketing Society’s website!

Ascot Baby

Having spent glam days at Aintree & Chester Racecourses it seemed criminal to refuse a trip to their southern Sister, Ascot. An amazing day out with Tash and her Coventry girls to celebrate her birthday. Sunshine, drinks, betting and friends – what more can you ask for?!

Netflix Binges

I’ve had a TOTAL BINGE on Riverdale, my new fave programme on Netflix. Very American teen, with murder mystery, weird incest, singing sometimes, gangsters, parties, footballers, leather jackets and Cole Sprouse (top babe). Would recommend. Also the Alienist, the Sinner, Set it Up (film), Fargo (film).

And with that, life, work, drinking and watching netflix goes on. Enjoy your weekends.

Oh god, Cotton Eyed Joe just came onto my radio station – it’s time to go out. 

with mum& dad

food at Taste of London

girls at the races

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