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The vibes on the train home are prettyyyy different to those on the way to Edinburgh Fringe on Saturday, after four days of non stop laughing, pints, and throwing shapes on the dance floor into the wee hours – we tired.

Given it was the first proper weekend and all the shows were getting reviewed I thought I’d join in to share some handy tips on who to see, and, coming soon in another post – where to eat and boogie!

TIP – carry cash, some shows are ‘free Fringe’ entry so you pay what you want after the show!

Ed Miliband & Geoff Lloyd: Reasons to be Cheerful in Edinburgh – recoded live for their podcast the guys had Karyn McClusky Chief Exec of Community Justice Scotland on stage sharing an incredibly powerful story about her work in Scotland which has cut violent crime dramatically and improved the lives of many. As the comedic follow up, Luisa Omielam (who’s show is called Politics for Bitches, also playing Fringe) told us a sad tale about her Mum’s frustrating fight with Doctors prior to her cancer diagnosis – despite all this she brought a few laughs along the way. An intense but fascinating session which you can listen to too on their ‘cast haha – see them live at Pleasance Courtyard, Venue 33.

Jack Barry: Tango – in a small bunker covered in army netting and random rugby shirts, Jack Barry spends the hour of his “sexy show” recounting sexual experiences, awkward moments, weird fantasies and all things sexy. His awkward humour gets you giggling as you try not to admit, by laughing, to weird and wonderful sexual encounters we’ve all encountered. Would definitely recommend this as a decent start to the evening – plus you get a free gift at the end (yes I’ll leave you wondering what that could possibly be). He’s at the Globe Bar on Niddry Street, Venue 161 (this Street featured in a lot of our weekend).

2 girls 1 cup… of comedy – a mash up of a few acts who are performing this month. Notably someone was sick in this show which was hilarious and unfortunate. Loved the first performance from Tanya  (literally can’t work out her surname) and Kelly Convey. This comedy mash up is at the Mash House, Venue 288.

Tamar Broadbent: Best Life – GJ and I had seen Tamar during a new material night back in January and loved her relatable humour and musical renditions of avocado vs. home ownership struggles. Her full show was an incredible combination of relevant, relatable and musical stories covering all the things that will enable you to live your best life. As a side note, this particular show was basically the story of my own life including but not limited to jokes on 100s of instagram hashtags, weird dates with controlling men and a millennial love for avocados. A MUST see at the Underbelly Cowgate, Venue 61.

Mark Simmons: One Linererer – I’m not normally a one liner fan, finding people like Jimmy Carr not reaaaally my cup of tea. Despite my reservations I had a front row see at Mark’s show during which his one liners were complimented with props, audience interaction, and few surprises incorporating long game jokes making for a very entertaining show. Don’t miss jokes off the top of his head at Banshee Labyrinth, Venue 156.

Stevie Martin: Vol 1 – having loved Stevie on the Debrief/Don’t Panic ‘cast I was really excited to see her debut solo fringe show! The theme was “openings”, so with props, slapstick comedy, drama and suspense Stevie started and didn’t finish a whole host of different performances (not because she can’t finish things she did caveat). What I love about her is her genuine goofy humour (which is think is why I love the ‘cast so much), so it was a little bizarre to see her in performance mode – very much enjoyed it though and gutted to have missed Tessa Coates her ‘cast partner in crime.

Tom Ward: Popcorn Lung – Tom was joined by his “mum” in this show about perspective. Perspectives on life, the world and even what new shoes look like when you first try them on in the shop. He’s great at on the spot audience comedy engagement and have seen him compare before (after GJ met him on a plane and we went to see him hahah) – anyway, a good, fun show! Head to The Mash Rooms, Venue 288 for Tom’s jokes and great hair cut.

First World Problems – hosted in the corner of the a nightclub, the show gave us some audience interaction opportunities as well as singing along. It was fun to get involved given the small, intimate venue and some fun songs about meal deals and stuff. Rap with them at Venue 185, Espionage.

Courtney Act: Under the Covers – following her Ru Paul appearance during season 6 and winning participation in Celebrity Big Brother, Courtney was sassy AF on stage with a bedroom / cover song theme. There was a lovely looking pianist backing up her mash ups, personally penned songs and a few classics. As an inspirational drag queen, there was one clear message from Courtney – back yourself no matter what. She was honestly amazing – very much recommend. Courtney is sassy on a number of dates at Underbelly Circus Hub, Venue 360.

Circus-Cision – a performance mash up featuring an 10ft unicycle, a lot of spinning, balancing and a performer who had gone rogue from the RSC. Unsurprisingly the crowd went wild for the final act as he spun in a huge hoop, whipping off items of clothing – a few of which landed on our laps (winner). Great fun for a late night show – catch clothes at Underbelly Circus Hub, Venue 360.

Danny O’Brien: Lock In – a group vote for the final show landed us back at Underbelly for this Irish comedian whose theme was all about the times he had performed at some Prisons – a totally unusual audience which requires a different kind of audience interaction. He was pretty gripping performer I’d definitely recommend for an enthusiastic late evening show with plenty to laugh about – get the giggles at Underbelly Cowgate, Venue 61.​

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