18 of your fave posts in 2018

Sarah standing near Chinese temple in Wuxi, China
Exploring Wuxi in China

Wow, what a year. I feel like I’ve really grown in 2018, whether it’s self care, improving my photography, travelling solo and of course taking that big bold step to leave my job for MORE travelling, there’s been a lot going on. And actually, all of this has been reflected in my most popular posts. You guys LOVED the fact I quit my job (should quit more often), enjoyed reading about my foodie recommendations (yum) and of course caught up on my China adventures.

So here’s the top 18 posts from the year, as ranked by you, my lovely followers. Looking forward to many more adventures and food in 2019 – WATCH THIS SPACE!

  1. I just quit my job
  2. Pirana, Balham | Review
  3. Best of Balham Bars & Pubs
  4. 2017 Goals in Review
  5. How to feel like an adult
  6. Why China?
  7. 2018 goals & plans
  8. Shanghai to Changzhou
  9. 33 random & amazing moments of 2017
  10. 18 things to know if you’re visiting China
  11. Getting to know Changzhou – first few days in China
  12. Where to eat in Southwark?
  13. Suzhou & Changzhou Adventures
  14. Food Wars: North vs South
  15. Goodbye London. Hello Shanghai.
  16. Nice to meet you, Tian Fu – Meeting my charity for the first time
  17. Playing a game of ‘How to China, Level 8’
  18. A uterus is a feature not a bug – a review

Which was your favourite post from 2018?

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