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If you’re visiting Taghazout you’re most likely going surfing. It’s the hottest coast line for beaches, breaks and waves for every level of surfer (haha that just auto corrected to burger, I’ll get to those later on). According to my surfing research (as I am a beginner), “Killer Point is a powerful point break. To the south, La Source is named for the fresh water that bubbles up from the rocks. Anchor Point has barrel waves – so it seems that there’s something for everyone here. 

Followers of Warsaw’s World may remember I visited Taghazout for the first time, as a beginner surfer in October 2017. When I say beginner I literally mean “cannot remember the last time I touched the sea”. So it was a BIG deal for me to get into a wetsuit and down on those sandy beaches to surf. Luckily, it was all a very positive experience and I can honestly say that it helped my mental and physical health and I went back to London feeling refreshed and enthusiastic. 

Taghazout Fishing Boats

FAST FORWARD to November 2018, when, as you know I went BACK to the same surf camp and stayed for 12 days. I relaxed, upped my surfing skills and visited some more of this cute fishing village. I literally felt like a local. 

So, with a decent amount of Taghazout time under my belt, I’d like to give you, in no particular order, my top 7 things to do there:

1. Taghazout surfing and beach life

There are so many surf and yoga camps, you literally just have to Google it. Many of them offer packages which include wetsuit and board hire, lessons, yoga and accommodation. It’s a great way to meet fellow surfers, learn surfing from scratch, or brush up your skills with some guiding up and down the coast. Don’t miss the post surf mint tea or coffee from the guys that sell it on the beach, for just 10 MAD (1€) you can grab mint tea with sugar/honey or a frothy coffee (some have a little battery powered whisk) – the perfect post surf warmer. 

Sarah stood up on her surf board, catching a great green wave in Taghazout.
Catching my best wave on my final day

2. Sunset Burgers 

My favourite food in Taghazout, I must have had four whilst I was there. Delicious square burgers are served on the Main Street with a variety of toppings, additions, combinations – there’s a vegan one too. FULLY RECOMMEND! 

3. Paradise Valley

Inland, around an hour away, you can visit Paradise Valley, a rock pool and rock jumpers dream come true. Plenty of palm trees, rivers, pools and waterfalls to visit and explore. Most surf camps / hostels offer trips here, which usually include a stop off at an Argan Oil co-operative on the way (sounds random but I got some lovely smelling oil from here and you get to learn how they make the oil from the seeds). A very fun day out! 

NOTE: I actually managed to bruise my leg and get a nose bleed whilst jumping for the second time off a rock, when I visited. Really embarrassing. I was fine the first timed I jumped but wanted to capture it on my GoPro. Serves me right – the video was crap too. I also met a guy on the beach a few days later who commented on my bruise and said “ohhhh you’re the girl who got the bruise and the nose bleed”. GREAT. 

Sarah is stood by a rocky pool in Paradise Valley, Taghazout.
Exploring Paradise Valley

4. Panorama Beach

Taghazout’s beach, just 5 mins from the main town. Everyone heads down here, especially in the evening to catch the sunset waves. Whether your surfing or not, it’s a magical spot where you can relax, watch the surfers and appreciate a gorgeous sunset. 

Sunset kissed shot of Panarama Beach, Taghazout
Panorama Beach

5. Anchor Point 

Want to see some bigger waves and some decent surfing? Head North of Taghazout to Anchor Point. There’s hot/cold drinks and loads of chilled people hanging out, taking in the view, capturing pictures of their mates and generally just having a great time. A personal fave. 

6. Beachfront Cafes 

From the cosy interiors of Café Mouja at Surf Maroc, right on the rocks at Cafe KR, to World of Waves and L’Auberge, there’s plenty of delicious food options right on the beachfront. Grab a post surf bite to eat or enjoy the view out over the Atlantic coast, giving you a sneaky peek at those Anchor Point breaks. 

7. Find a rooftop for Taghazout sunsets 

My final TOP recommendation is to find a rooftop somewhere to watch the sunset. Nothing beats the chilled vibes of this Moroccan fishing village, teamed with that worn out feeling after surfing, good food and sunsets like I’ve never seen before. Those colours majestically changing in front of your eyes, with the sea and town in view – it’s beaut. 

Beautiful pink-orange Sunset over the ocean in Taghazout
Taghazout sunsets are beaut

Do you have any Taghazout tips? Would LOVE to hear for next time I go!

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A man sits with his surfboard over looking the Atlantic in Taghazout
Overlooking the Atlantic.
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  1. VBS
    December 23, 2018 / 10:39 pm

    Loving reading your adventures! And my mouth is watering thinking of burgers… Looking forward to hearing what comes next

    • Sarah
      December 26, 2018 / 8:33 pm

      Eeeek! So excited Vikki šŸ™‚

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