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Sarah with large 2018 balloon in China
In Xi’An China

After a successful year working on my goals in 2017, the pressure was on to up my game for 2018 and work on those goals (haha just kidding, no pressure)! If I’m totally honest, I had completely forgotten about some of them, so there’s an interesting (and honest, I promise) review of 2018 goals…Look out for my 2019 goals in the coming days.

I’ve also, popped some of my 2019 goals at the end of the post.

Improve photography skills – okay I definitely think I’ve improved here. Spent some time with my Dad learning some more technical skills which I was able to practice during my travels this year. Check out the bottom of the post for a long exposure shot I took in Barcelona and see what you think!

Try vlogging – ok full disclosure, I DID TRY. Infact I did loads of vlogging with my GoPro when I was in China. Problem is, I just haven’t done anything with it all 🙈. Let’s see if I can up my game on this in the New Year. Saying that, I’ve been loving mini vlogs via my instagram stories so surely that counts?

READ MORE & REVIEW – I think I did two (Londoners by Craig Taylor, and Sarah Lacy’s Book). Saying that, I read a LOT and I even joined a book club with some of my girls in London. Other recommendations include, “Everything I know about love” – Dolly Alderton, “Erotic stories for Punjabi wives” – Balli Kaur Jaswal and “This is going to hurt” – Adam Kay.

SAVE MONEY I surprised myself with this one, managed to get on the saving wagon given I wanted to quit my job. Working on the weekend for a few months to get some extra dollar helped this too.

Be mindful regularly better at this. Much better. I hope that if this is or was one of your goals this year (or for 2019), you take it seriously – it’s so important to take time for yourself, relax and just do what you want to do – whether that’s yoga, meditation or just having a walk, do what works for you.

Visit some different London parks – um, totally forgot about this one. And I’ve left London now ha. FAIL.

Learn a language I think I commented that maybe I could learn some Chinese whilst I was away. Chinese is the hardest language in the world – the amount of time Lee and Tina taught me to say “can I have pork dumplings”, was ridiculous. Could I do it? Could I shite. Going to try this goal again but with a language that’s a littttttle closer to home.

Surfing – yaaaaas totally did this, can’t wait for more!

Be kind –  definitely did this one, hope all my friends and family agree ♥️

As per 2017, I’ve been keeping a diary, some to do lists and weekly goals to keep me focussed. Sometimes when you’re stressed at work and very busy it’s hard to keep up with these things, but that’s also fine. Just work out a new routine once things calm down – don’t put pressure on yourself to meet them all the time, think of weekly / monthly goals as a guide rather than a strict set of to dos.

Although these goals might seem a bit pointless, I like to have them as a positive focus for my year. But you know what? Do I really give a shit that I didn’t keep them all? No way. Life is meant to be fun, and if your goals encourage that, then that’s perfect.

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Okay so, 2019 Goals?

  1. Travel & visit six new countries 🗺✈️ – should be able to manage this with my travel plans at the beginning of the year. Really exciting.
  2. Start to learn new language 🗯 – okay, let’s try this one again, not in Chinese.
  3. Grow Instagram & blog 📸✒️ – an ongoing goal, but I think with plenty of content coming up and no full time job I can hopefully work really hard on this one!
  4. Give Blood 💉  – hitting the ground running with a donation before I go away! Think it’ll be limited this year though as some travel stops you donating for up to 4 months.
  5. Improve video skills 📽 – re-set on this goal again, let’s see what I can film and edit this time.
  6. Try freelance work 💸  – may as well give it a go?! Any tips are welcomed.
  7. Learn a new word daily 🤓 – got an app on the go right now, delivering a new word to me every day. New words I’ve learned include Gloaming, Stymie and Derring-do.

Did you have 2018 goals? Any planned for 2019?

Fountain in Barcelona, with long exposure.

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