Diary of a solo traveller – Part 5 | Thailand to Malaysia

Travel Stuff 

Feels like yesterday I posted my previous travel diary – time really is flying by! These past two weeks have been pretty busy, and you might have seen I’ve finally left Koh Tao. Took a weekend trip to Koh Phangan where I stayed at Shiralea Hostel and Resort, paddle-boarded for the first time ever and hiked to a beautiful beach with some friends I recruited at the hostel. I was only there for two nights but I had a great laugh and met some awesome people in a very short space of time.  

Hiking to Bottle Beach
Bottle Beach

Then it was back to Koh Tao to finish my Open Water course yay! Finished all my dives by Wednesday evening and I was buzzing – loved learning with Katie and the team were supportive when they weren’t taking the piss about how long it took me haha! 

Katie and I in our dive gear on my final day

Next stop Malaysia, and with that for the time being I’m not a solo traveller!! For the next couple of weeks I’m travelling with my mate Thijs who I met in Koh Tao. We’ve also managed to meet up with some other friends from there too; Emma, George and Laura, and we all got to hang out in George Town again. Check out what we got up to in my previous Penang post. Now four of us have just visited the Cameron Highlands for hiking and are right now headed to the Perhentian Islands off the East Coast for some more beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters – dreamy. Apparently there’s no internet there either so will be nice to get offline for a few days! 

Emma, George, Thijs and I

Personal Stuff 

Getting used to travelling with others haha, it was weird to make plans thinking about another person. But, luckily Thijs and I have known each other a month now so we’re comfortable with telling each other to piss off if needs be. Definitely important to make sure we both have our own space whilst we travel together, especially given we’ve both been so used to it having been travelling solo up until now.

Hiking in Penang

You might have seen on my Instagram story, but my latest travel injury is a burn from a hot motorbike exhaust pipe. It’s pretty big and gross to be honest but I’m keeping it clean and covered where possible. Didn’t let it stop my hike yesterday but not sure how easy beach life will be with an open wound 😅. Any care tips are welcomed. 

Fun Stuff 

Playing: In Koh Tao, the Russian game “Durak” was our card game of choice, a fast paced attack and defence game. At the hostel in Penang, “Shit Head” saw us dealing our forfeits to the loser (the shit head), personally named “same same” drinking game saw people sipping drinks aplenty and a new game we learned “Crazy 7s” had Thijs drinking a lot of gin & tonics in a very short space of time! 

Listening: Recently introduced to Rufus Du Sol and Lucas & Steve and I’ve been loving both. My other favourite to chill to (especially whilst writing this blog) has been Saxophone House music – so relaxing with a cheeky jazzy vibe to go with it! 

Watching: Finished the Dirty John dramatisation which I really enjoyed. From what I remember from the podcast and having watched the start of the Netflix documentary as well it was pretty true to the real story. They even cast it brilliantly having now seen some of the family involved. Just started the Madeline McCann documentary, not sure how I feel about it just yet, but going to give it a couple of episodes on this bus ride. 

That’s all for now guys, hope you’re all having a great weekend. Any recommendations for travel, first aid and entertainment please do shoot them over. Otherwise, as always, new content on Fridays! 

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