Diary of a wannabe traveller – Part 9 | June Faves

I feel like this month has flown by, does anyone else feel the same? 

This month has been mostly work, catching up with friends (including the fabbyyy wedding of Vez & Tom) ♥ and running. Found a cool Adidas initiative whereby they were donating $1 for every km ran to the Parley Ocean School. An organisation aiming to help educate people and protect marine life. I signed up using Runtastic and managed to run about 13 miles – a really easy way to support positive change in our environment!

My solo-travel-blogging-buddy Laura Lovette is back on home ground too now so we managed a little reunion in Chester the other day – so weird to see each other in ENGLAND haha! She’s recently updated her blog layout and design and it’s looking FAB, check it out

Selfie of Laura and I

Currently in Amsterdam, having a little travel reunion / celebrating Tash’s birthday! The weather has been waaaay nicer than the past few days at home, plus Amsterdam is just such a chilled city, it’s very relaxing. Found some good veggie options to eat (thinking about a blog post on this), had a few Heinekens, seen so many great little shops and spent time hanging out in the park. Definitely could live here, I’ve mastered how to say 1 – 10 in Dutch and I’m sure I’d get to grips with wizzing around on a bicycle soon enough 😆.

Selfie of Tash and I


I’ve been trying to cook some new and exciting veggie options for dinner. This month’s fave is Jamie Oliver’s Aubergine Rogan Josh which besides being very very easy to cook, is also tasty AND so healthy! Needs some good seasoning in there which the recipe doesn’t mention, and it is better actually the day after you cook it. Give it a go!


How to give up plastic – Will McCallum from Greenpeace has put together a little “How to” guide which includes practical advice on reducing your plastic consumption day to day. From changing products in your bathroom to adapting how you do your weekly shop, its a great little book which thankfully doesn’t shame anyone but aims to encourage and involve people. 

Watching (I’ve watched a lot this month) 

War on Plastic, BBC1 – this weekly show during June has seen Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani explore some of the nations (and world’s) best kept pollution secrets – did you know wet wipes were made of plastic? Is it cheaper to buy products in plastic containers at supermarkets, surely not? Why are McDonald’s still producing pointless, plastic toys that end up in landfill? And where do our councils really send our recycling? Eye opening documentary that has encouraged me even further to make a difference in my life and I hope will drive big companies and our local infrastructure to do something about the ongoing production of plastics.

Big Little Lies, Sky/Now TV – finally got my hands on this all star cast American drama. What seems to be a “have it all” community quickly unravels as you learn more and more each week about the truths that lie behind the large front doors of these families. Flash backs to police interviews link the story together as the plot leads up to one pivotal night, which has all of the town questioning exactly what happened. It’s just back for season 2, and Meryl Streep has joined the crew. 

Good Girls, Netflix – a friend at work introduced me this and I LOVED IT (I literally watched the whole of season 2 last weekend, it was that good imo). The first episode starts with three women robbing a grocery store. After that, chaos ensues. It’s an amazing combination of Desperate Housewives mixed with Ozark and just normal family life. Watch on the edge of your seat and the three female protagonists calculate, take risks and do everything they possibly can to protect their families.

What If, Netflix – Albeit a very strange story, it’s lead by again female protagonists, played by Renee Zellweger and Jane Levy (who does remind me a bit of Emma Stone). Levy’s character has been trying to get funding for her med start-up and finds herself sourcing it from a top investor with unusual T&Cs. I’ve never known a programme to have so many different storylines all happening simultaneously, most of them linking together but a few rogue things going on. Watched this anxiously, but enjoyed it nevertheless. 

Glasses on or off?

What have you been doing this month? 

Sarah xx

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